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Chapter 111.1 - Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 111.1 : Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

    Bai Zhi Yan was dumbfounded. “…..”

    Haha, he wasn’t angry. Really.

    But just only wanted to pluck that fella’s head off his shoulders, and see just what kind of ridiculous nonsense filled up the inside of that fella’s head.

    Because everything had happened all in one night, so Qing Bei had not been aware that Qing Yu had gone out at all, thinking that she had been in the Tranquil Abode all that time.

    Mu Lai had bid her farewells and left as she needed to bring the Spirit Essence Elixir back to treat her father’s injuries. Moreover, someone had been too audacious with their actions this time and she needed to go back to do a little housekeeping, to deal with those sly and scheming traitors.

    Otherwise, the Mu Family Clan that had stood strong over the generations would be brought down by these scoundrels one day.

    Before she left, she and Qing Yu came to an agreement to go to the Faint Mist Sect together when the time came.

    Till the time of the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment of new disciples, was still four months away, and in this period, nothing much happened.

    And on another side, situated deep within layer upon layer of mountains and valleys, sat a majestic structure in a most mysterious place. That was the almost legendary Assassination Temple within Carefree Valley.

    Within a quietly elegant bamboo loft, a man was dressed in his snow white inner robe as he stood handsomely by the window.

    His waist length dark hair was draped carelessly over his back, lifting and falling gently under the slight breeze. A few kingfishers were perched on the window ledge, pecking at the bird food scattered there, highly tame and seemingly not afraid of humans.

    Looking from the side, the man’s exquisite facial features seemed to be gilded with a layer of radiance, his long sharp brows slender, eyes elegant with long curled lashes that cast tiny shadows over his half closed eyes. Just below that, was his high arched and pointed nose, a set of light pinkish lips with chiseled jaws that with a handsome cleft in the middle of his chin.

    Just by looking at the side of that face, it was already enough for many conceited pretty young ladies to feel inferior and drab.

    “Zhan, you’re awake so early?” A man’s warm and robust voice rang out. The person who just came in was of a towering stature, large eyes and thick luscious brows, and handsome looking. It was Feng Qi.

    “Looks like you’ve almost fully recovered. You really scared us back then. Although your very vitality was severely injured at that time, but it seems your cultivation has increased tremendously after recovery. Truly a blessing from the Heavens upon the fortunate.” Feng Qi said jokingly.

    Hearing that the man moved and turned his body around. With his entire face revealed before people, one just cannot help but stare.

    For no other reason than this. Just below the corner of his left eye, was a highly lifelike looking black bloom, tinier than a fingernail, but was just so eye catching, its unique shape clearly visible.

    The man’s countenance was already so outstanding that it was like that of a fallen immortal, and the black bloom when his eyes were fully opened, just made the man look indescribably devilish looking.

    To think that a person was able to combine the unsullied aura of a deity together with a devilish air so perfectly, not contradicting each other at all.