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Chapter 111.2 - Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 111.2 : Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

    If one were to see this almost deity like Young Master for the first time, nobody would be able to link him to the ruthless assassin who killed people without even blinking. But the man was a killer through and through, and one who was known as the one and only divine level assassin of legend throughout the lands.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s looks were just too alluring, so beautiful looking he made people’s hearts crumble.

    It was even rumoured that in order to catch a glimpse of him or to be just be able to speak to him, there were people who paid a handsome fortune to have him come kill them, with absolutely no regrets even if they paid for it with their very own lives.

    Hence, there were very few people who truly saw his face. Besides people from the Assassination Temple itself, there were only dead ones.

    Even among the people from the Carefree Valley, very few have seen him before.

    It was because this man was just too special. Except for the nights when he went out on his missions, he would otherwise not take a single step out from that bamboo house.

    Xi Zhan Chen walked away from the window and picked up the outer robe beside him to put it on. “You need something?”

    Feng Qi rubbed his nose and said: “The Valley Chief sent word over a few days ago that if you are feeling better, he wants you to go take a look at their recent progress in training. It will be the time we will recruit new disciples in a few months’ time and they must not be allowed to slacken in their cultivation training. And in just a few days after that, it will be time for the disciple exchange program between the Carefree Valley and the Faint Mist Sect. The Valley Chief wants you to bring a few good saplings over and also to spy on the Faint Mist Sect a little.”

    Xi Zhan Chen listened quietly till he finished, and then emotionlessly threw out two heartless words. “Not going.”

    “…..” He just knew it would end up like this.

    “Can you give me a reason? So that I can at least answer to the Valley Chief.” Feng Qi said helplessly.

    “Troublesome. Don’t feel like going.” Xi Zhan Chen said.

    To him, all these affairs were completely meaningless. If he were to expend all that effort, he would rather accept a few more big missions which would pay several tens of million.

    Feng Qi sighed helplessly. “Alright. Then I’ll have to go play the bad guy.”

    After he said that, he then remembered something and said: “Oh right. Something seemed to have happened in the Mu Family but Mu Lai did not make any request for assistance and hence we did not interfere. But this debt owed must definitely definitely be repaid or it would remain a cause for concern to us in future.”

    He had been in a coma from his injuries and was not aware of anything that had happened. Fortunately Ye Xuan had constantly come stick to him to nag at him, telling him about all the dangerous things that had occured.

    Ye Xuan had told Xi Zhan Chen that he had very nearly been turned into a puddle of blood and that the man almost would not have been able to see him again among other things.

    But one thing Xi Zhan Chen remembered from Ya Xuan’s ramblings was that the person who saved him in the end was not the Eldest Miss of the Mu Family, but a beautiful young lady in a white dress that they had never seen before. It had seemed like she was Mu Lai’s friend and it had looked like they were rather close. But as they did not know her identity and neither had she left them her name, they did not have anymore news about the girl after that, so they had delivered the repayment to the Mu Family.

    It was said that the young lady was highly mysterious and she had immediately broken the snake voodoo curse the moment she appeared. He was told the way she had dispelled the curse was even more astounding, completely brutal but executed in the most direct and effective manner.