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Chapter 111.3 - Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 111.3 : Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

    Xi Zhan Chen suddenly recalled what he had been told and he asked in a casual tone: “About that young lady in white, is there any news about her?”

    Feng Qi was a little startled as it was the first time that Xi Zhan Chen was actually asking about someone he did not know at all but Feng Qi went on to answer truthfully: “Nothing concrete but it is said that she was someone Mu Chi went to invite in from the Green Wave Kingdom, so she should be the Young Miss of some family clan or noble family. That kind of presence and the way she carried herself was not like that of an ordinary person.”

    Xi Zhan Chen acknowledged curtly and did not ask any further, turning to walk out of the bamboo house.

    “Where are you going?” Feng Qi inquired curiously.

    “Just going to the Valley Chief’s to have a look.” Xi Zhan Chen answered without even turning his head.

    Feng Qi could not help but laugh in speechlessness. [This fella just has a sharp tongue but just a softie at heart afterall.]


    Ever since Qing Yu brought back that unbearably adorable little beast, Little Snow had become exceptionally obedient.

    That fella who always disappeared for ten days to a fortnight at a stretch had suddenly just decided to stick to Qing Yu’s side, following her wherever she went, like a sticker plaster.

    How could Qing Yu not know what Little Snow was thinking. That fella was just afraid that its position was at risk and that it would soon be neglected. As it had to share half the elixirs with another beast from then onwards, the sense of crisis could not be any stronger.

    Meanwhile, Meatball had been extremely obedient and usually did not go running around on its own. When Qing Yu was occupied with cultivating elixirs, the tiny beast would just sit quietly on the table, its face cradled in its two tiny paws, its two beautiful blue eyes studying her actions intently, looking so adorable it could melt people’s hearts. Unlike Little Snow, who would occasionally still be up to mischief, sneakily eating up a few elixirs.

    “Meatball, come over here so I can stroke you a bit.” Qing Bei opened his mouth to say invitingly.

    Qing Yu had not hidden the truth from him, telling him that Meatball was a little creature she had found the night she went out to search for food in Hades’ Canyon, and that it could talk.

    Qing Bei had been shocked for a good while but he would naturally help keep that fact a secret. Hence, in the eyes of outsiders, the little creature was just a highly adorable pet of some unknown species.

    Even as a young man, Qing Bei could not resist the little fella’s charms.

    He just could not help it. The little creature was just too cute and lovable. Even if it was just sitting there and not moving an inch, people just could not take their eyes of it, the little beast was just too beautiful looking.

    The little fella who was single mindedly focused on watching its Mother cultivate elixirs suddenly heard someone call out it name. Its tiny ears flicked slightly and it turned its head around. It then wrinkled up its small little nose in displeasure and refused mercilessly. “Don’t want.”

    Qing Yu looked highly hurt. “Why~?”

    “Because I belong to Mother. Only Mother can touch me.” Meatball said with a serious look on its face. “Also, boys and girls should keep their distance from intimate contact. I am a pure and chaste girl so if you touch me, then I would lose my chastity.”

    Qing Bei’s face was looking utterly flabbergasted. [Pure and chaste girl?]

    [Did I hear that right! ? Spirit beasts have evolved to such an advanced stage? Not only can this one talk, but is even preaching about morals!]

    Although Qing Yu was in the midst of cultivating elixirs, she did not seal five basic senses and so, she was able to hear their conversation. But the moment she heard what Meatball said, her meditative trance almost cracked which would have ruined the entire cauldron of elixirs.