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Chapter 111.4 - Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 111.4 : Snowball And A Little Lump of Coal

    [That little fella is just priceless.]

    Waiting till Qing Yu finished cultivating the elixirs and kept them away, Meatball immediately leapt off the table and came pattering over on its tiny paws, its tiny face looking exceptionally pitiful while that pair of clear eyes just looked straight at her.

    Qing Yu smiled and bent down to pick up the little lump of coal into her arms, and rubbed its soft and fluffy little head.

    That’s right. A lump of coal.

    It was only after Qing Yu brought it back that she came to discover that the little fella took on two different colours between night and day. At night, it was a pure white ball of snow, and it would turn into a lump of coal once daylight came. It was not known what kind of species it was that allowed it to change in colour but both shades were equally just as adorable.

    The lump of coal snuggled in Qing Yu’s arms and after it found a comfortable position it did not move anymore, seeming to enjoy the feeling of being embraced by her.

    Qing Bei looked on with envy, not knowing why the little fella just did not want to be carried by him. He knew he had been very nice to it and had even often fed it things to eat.

    Looking at the youth’s mournful expression, Qing Yu could not help but laugh out loud and say to him: “It might be because it just hasn’t gotten used to you yet and is seeks only for familiar faces. It will probably be better after more time passes.”

    “Then why does it call you Mother?” Qing Bei then asked in incomprehension. “I remember reading in a book that when beasts are born, they recognize the first person they see as their closest kin. Could you have been the first person this little one saw?”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and stroked the ears of the little lump of coal. “Although it is small in size, it does not seem like it was just born. And I don’t remember having ever seen it before in the past or I would surely remember something so adorable wouldn’t I?”

    Unexpectedly, her voice had just fallen when she suddenly felt the body of the tiny creature stiffen up, and it then seemed to be sobbing spasmodically, whimpering in a soft voice. “Mother told a lie. You’ve clearly….. clearly forgotten all about Meatball…..”

    That pitiful and aggrieved voice caused Qing Yu’s heart to soften and she said in a gentle and comforting voice: “Alright, alright, take it that I have forgotten. You’re really just like a human child that loves to cry so much.”

    “But Meatball is a little child…..” The little beast lifted his tearful eyes to peer up at her, serious yet bashful. “I’m Mother’s little child…..”

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    [The little fella is doing it again. Acting all cute and adorable to but her heart. That was pure cheating!]

    “Pfft.”Qing Bei burst out in amused laughter and went on to tease the little beast. “Why don’t you tell me just how capable my sister is to be able to give birth to a little fella like you? And what about your Father? Where did your father go?”

    Qing Yu was utterly speechless. [Her brother is arguing with a spirit beast. Really?]

    Hearing that, Meatball pouted indignantly. “Meatball does not have a Father.”

    “Oh? Such a poor little thing! So adorable and you don’t have a father?” Qing Bei exclaimed in mock surprise.

    “Meatball is born from Mother, what does it have anything to do with Father! ?” Sensing that Qing Bei was making fun of him, Meatball growled angrily.

    Qing Bei was stumped. “…..” [How did you come to be born without a father you foolish little child.]