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Chapter 112.1 - He Does Not Belong Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 112.1 : He Does Not Belong Here

    It was a daily norm between this pair of man and beast, which drove people to laugh till they teared.

    After Qing Yu finished cultivating the elixirs, before her spirit energies had completely dispersed, her consciousness delved right into the dimensional space.


    Sensing the presence of her aura, Zang Mai materialized before her, his gold and silver eyes looking at her in surprise.

    Qing Yu acknowledged with a nod and then asked: “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

    It was not strange for her to be asking that as when this fella’s spirit soul had been incomplete, he was always sleeping most of the time due to weakness.

    Hearing that, Zang Mai was a little embarrassed and he scratched his head while he answered: “I am working very hard on raising my cultivation level every single day now, seeking to catch up to Mistress’ footsteps.”

    His spirit had been damaged for so many long years afterall, so there were many things that he had to start afresh.

    “I see that you have gotten better at apple polishing.” Qing Yu said as she smiled at him. She then turned her attention away from him and raised her slender hand to wave through the air. An enormous book that was about half a man’s height then appeared before her, which let out a dull thud when it fell to the floor.

    Upon that old and ancient cover, were imprinted with several complicated looking ancient characters: <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>>.

    Throughout her past and present lives, the number of time Qing Yu had flipped through this book could be counted from the number of fingers on her hands.

    On one hand, it was due to her photographic memory, where she was able to remember things just by seeing them once and to decipher and understand the essence from it. On the other hand, it was because there were medical and poison techniques depicted in there that were beyond her abilities and before she attains a certain level in her cultivation, it was impossible for her to access the content further back in the book.

    But over the recent period, it was probably due to a change in her state of mind that allowed her to further breakthrough to a small extent, that came to unlock another three to four pages of the Heavenly Insights of Medicine for her.

    If this was in her past life, such a tiny breakthrough achieved would not even be worth a mention but to Qing Yu in her current weak state, it was already a great improvement.

    It must be known that after having descended into this strange world for so many years, she had only managed to unlock about ten pages in the Heavenly Insights of Medicine. Such a thick tome that held more than a thousand pages, and she was only able to access this half of its contents.

    Zang Mai was watching her and he then said delightedly: “Mistress, your cultivation has advanced quite a bit again.”

    There wasn’t a ripple of of emotion on Qing Yu’s face as she said indifferently: “It’s still too slow.”

    Zang Mai said comfortingly in a soft voice: “This body cannot be compared to Mistress’ body in the past life with too great a disparity in so many areas. For you to have gained such a great improvement, the results are considered to be rather good.”

    Qing Yu let out a sigh.

    So many years have passed. Her body from her past life would have long become fertilizer to the plants and flowers.

    And with this current body, though not entirely all that gifted, but it could be considered to be one of the better ones, with very outstanding looks at least, so there wasn’t much that she wasn’t all that displeased about.