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Chapter 112.2 - He Does Not Belong Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 112.2 : He Does Not Belong Here

    Seeing Qing Yu with her eyes lowered as she perused those few new pages, Zang Mai asked curiously: “What could have made Mistress suddenly think of checking through the Heavenly Insights of Medicine?”

    Qing Yu’s face was a little thoughtful as she said: “Over the past few days, strange images kept appearing in my mind which made me feel rather disturbed, so I thought that I should come have a look to see if I can find any elixir recipe with great mind calming effects to soothe my mind.”

    “Strange images?”

    “Mm.” Qing Yu nodded, the aura around her body feeling depressed and decrepit, a feeling she had never felt before. “Everytime I feel like I am about to have an idea what they are, the images would suddenly just disappear abruptly. And the moment I close my eyes, I would unconsciously fall straight into my dreams, but I would not be able to remember a thing when I wake up.”

    For a person who was able to go without sleep for days and nights on end, she was feeling that she had become quite haggard being tormented like this.

    Zang Mai was rather taken aback for a moment before he asked warily: “Did Mistress happen to see the scene from Asura’s Hell that appeared before?”

    Qing Yu was startled by that question and although she wasn’t able to recall too clearly, that scene had left such a deep impression on her it was hard to forget it. “It feels like I did.”

    “Mistress, do you still remember what I said about the source of that scene from Asura’s Hell?”

    “Just before a peerless expert dies, a dimension that forms from his powerful consciousness.”

    “That’s right. Normally when such a situation occurs, there is only one possibility.”


    “The owner of that dimension is calling out to you.”

    Qing Yu was a little shocked and she asked: “Isn’t that a dimension that forms only after the expert dies?”

    Zang Mai’s face was serious as he replied: :But this is the only explanation that makes sense. Otherwise why are you seeing that scene so frequently?”

    Qing Yu was silent for a moment before she said in a slightly hoarse voice. “I feel that, it might have something to do with my identity and birth.”

    The woman whom she could not see clearly might very possibly be her mother.

    This was not some wild and hazardous guess she made but an instinctive reaction from deep inside her. The moment she saw that woman, she had felt immediately felt a subtle feeling inside guiding her to approach closer.

    That was the guiding hand from one’s instincts towards their closest kin.

    [That place…..]

    A familiar wave of stinging pain washed over Qing Yu’s mind suddenly, that caused her face to turn pale in an instant.

    [It is happening again!]

    Every time she tries hard to think about that, her mind would always hurt intolerably for no reason, like it was trying to stop her from remembering her past.

    The beautiful alluring phoenix like eyes immediately turned dark, filling up with chilling ice. [Stopping her from remembering? Ha! It will not be long before she will definitely uncover the person behind this!]