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Chapter 112.3 - He Does Not Belong Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 112.3 : He Does Not Belong Here

    Water Edge Kingdom

    It had been more than two months since the Duke of Vast Seas had returned and the most unfathomable thing that happened within this period of time was just one thing.

    Although he possessed unparalleled intelligence, he was born sickly and frail, the Emperor predicted to be unable to live past thirty years of age had seemingly undergone an earth moving change.

    Because of his frail health, Yue Mu Chen could not expose himself to strong winds in case he catches a cold and was unable to undertake long and arduous journeys or a single unforeseen change in the turn of events might rob him of his very life.

    But in the past two months, his vigor and vitality seemed to be improving by the day, and the man who was not even able to hold morning court for too long was now able to last for an entire hour was like a miracle to them.

    What astounded the whole bunch of officials was that they had even seen His Majesty practising with a sword one bright and early morning.

    Yue Mu Chen’s level of cultivation was not that low but because of how weak his body was, he was unable to carry out any strenuous activity at all, not to mention practising martial arts. For them to see His Majesty picking up a sword once again, it caused hot tears to brim up in the eyes of the officials.

    With the Heavens’ blessing, His Majesty’s health was finally taking a turn for the better, and they would not have to worry about his well being all the time anymore.

    And for that change, everyone credited it all onto the mysterious and powerful Duke of Vast Seas. Regardless whether it was ten years ago or now, everytime he appeared, a miracle seemed to happen, turning things completely around to finally bring a fortuitous conclusion to matters at hand.

    This man, was seen as the Water Edge Kingdom’s Star of Fortune, and as long as this man was around, the Water Edge Kingdom would never decline.

    Yue Mu Chen was dressed in simple and normal clothes, the flexible sword he wielded in his hand smooth as a dragon swimming in water, moving efficiently and with precision. His eyes were clear and sharp, the attendants standing at the sides who were initially filled with trepidation now looking very much at ease, watching the man’s actions without worry. The man’s gentle and elegant countenance did not show the slightest bit of exhaustion and his cheeks were tinged with rosiness, seemingly filled with vigour.

    At the very last instant, Yue Mu Chen suddenly paused in his actions a moment and turned his flexible sword towards a particular direction, driving it straight into the tree standing ten meters away. The loud sound of wood splitting then rang out and the tree broke into two parts down the middle.

    Behind the tree, stood a pretty and slender figured young girl with a large pair of vividly enchanting blue eyes who stood there in a stunned daze. It was a good while before she recovered her senses and she planted her hands on her tiny waist to admonish in an indignant voice: “My Imperial Brother! Are you trying to murder your own sister here? Aren’t you afraid that the sword might hurt me! ?”

    Yue Mu Chen sighed helplessly and said: “Who asked you to hide yourself there without even making a single sound? Your Imperial Brother thought that it was some petty thief that sneaked in. Moreover, your Imperial Brother has just only one precious little sister that I couldn’t dote on enough, how could I possibly bear to hurt you at all?”