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Chapter 112.4 - He Does Not Belong Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 112.4 : He Does Not Belong Here

    Those words had not only explained the reason for his actions but also soothed the ruffled fur of his younger sister, killing two birds with one stone.

    Yue Mu Chen had always been a extremely smart person.

    Hearing those words, no matter how unhappy Yue Xin Yan was, the anger just seeped out from her as she came running over delightedly to hold Yue Mu Chen’s arm, her face joyous as she looked at him to say: “My Royal Brother, I’m really so happy for you. If you come to grow tired of holding court one of these days and want to sneak off for some relaxation, I can bring you out to play. There are many fun places out there and you can just get Big Brother Ye Li to shoulder the load for a few days, and help to handle court for you. He doesn’t like to go outside anyway.”

    Upon saying that, Yue Xin Yan stiffened her lips to stifle a smile, seeming to think the plan she just came up with was really smart.

    Yue Mu Chen was instead taken aback.

    Let Qing Ye Li hold court and handle the state’s affairs? He would have really liked to do as what Yan Yan said. If this little lass who liked Qing Ye Li so much were to know that he was going to leave, she would probably be so sad and burst out in tears!

    Though she seemed to be such a carefree lass with a wild character, the people she cared about were Qing Ye Li and Yue Mu Chen, the two people who watched her grow up from young, her closest kin whom she had lived with for more than ten years.

    So how was he going to break the news to Yan Yan that Qing Ye Li would be leaving the Water Edge in a few months’ time?

    In fact, not to mention only Yue Xin Yan would not be able to accept it when the time came, as even when he had heard that news himself, it had been a good while before he came back to his senses. That man, was determined to leave.

    Logically, he had unwittingly came to save Qing Ye Li’s life back then and Qing Ye Li had stayed here in the Water Edge Kingdom for more than a decade for him, suppressing the chaos in the palace and pushing him up to ascend to the throne. He had also grown and developed the might of the Water Edge Kingdom, paying back by more than a hundred times for having saved his life.

    But Yue Mu Chen knew deep down inside that the man Qing Ye Li did not belong to the Water Edge Kingdom, and never had he been.

    He had made that clear when they first met.

    He was waiting for someone, and if he failed to locate the person, he would forever remain the the Water Edge Kingdom to support its reign. But if he came to find that person, he would follow that person to his death. To him, that person was his entire life.

    Maybe, it was mere affinity between the Water Edge Kingdom and that man but not fated to be!

    The Heaven’s End Palace was Qing Ye Li’s residence.

    It was a sprawling palace that was no less luxurious than the Emperor’s chambers. In that vast place, besides Qing Ye Li, there was only Ah Jin and two other servants, highly empty and vacant.

    But all this time, Qing Ye Li particularly loved living under that quiet tranquility that was almost deadly silence, with no one to disturb him. He had a cold and distant personality and could very well not speak a single word throughout the day, like the winter ice upon mountain peaks that would not melt over thousands of years, even under the scorching rays of the fiery sun, a chill forever exuded from his body.