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Chapter 113.1 - Dream from the Past Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 113.1: Dream from the Past Life

    Most of the time, he was immersed in his dreams, as in those dreams, there was the past that he missed.

    The girl possessed a pair of smiling eyes, like all forms of sadness and worries were unable to stand within them at all.

    And she always called out sweetly to him, as “Little Ye”.

    Despite the fact that she was stopped from getting close to him who had been of low and humble status, in those nights during the winter when everyone was fast asleep, his door would always been silently pushed open.

    The young lady’s slender nimble figure would come sneaking in, scuttling without a thought right onto his bed. When those cold tiny hands snuck under the warm covers, he would be awoken and she would just look innocently at him with those beautiful eyes, looking so pitiful and feeble.

    She would then say in a soft and endearing voice: “Little Ye, I am cold.”

    He did not want to see her always getting punished because of him and hence his attitude towards her was always cold and distant. He always told her than a man and a woman should keep their distance to avoid unnecessary gossip.

    At that time, they were just about twelve or thirteen years old, an age that was prone to wild recklessness. He was always a person that was more mature and steady than children his age while she was a lively and often mischievous girl, just like a carefree little princess.

    As a direct descendant of the family bloodline and one who was gifted with high intelligence and a strong grasp of things, she was well liked by the elders and senior generation, who doted on her very much, treating just like they would a little princess.

    But this little princess was different from others. She had a very lively and sunny personality but did not have any close friends. The person she was closest to was that youth that was found in the snow and brought back to the house. To what extent did she like him till? Not only did she give him a name, he even bestowed upon him a surname that was the same as her own.

    Just how high an honour was that? It was said just how many good deeds had the youth done in his past life to be so fortunate now, to have won the little princess’ favour.

    And only he himself knew, that all this time, she had been the one coming to stick to him.

    She did not have parents from birth.

    It was heard that her father was betrayed while out on a mission and fell into an ambush. Her father had fought with his life clearing a pathway with his blood, to help his fellow clan members flee, but finally died from his injuries that had been too severe.

    Her mother had been very near her term for the birth and when she heard the news, she fell into a dead faint. And because of the trauma she suffered, she went into early labour and it was probably due to the sorrow knotted up in her heart that she was in labour for an entire day and night but she still had not given birth to the baby. When the baby was finally born leaving her utterly drained and completely exhausted, her mother was found to be no longer breathing.

    She was brought up by her paternal grandfather.

    It was not known why she grew up exceptionally optimistic despite her pitiful past. She did not cry when she was born, but was laughing, a phenomenon that had never been seen before, a baby that laughed at the moment of her birth.

    He had asked her why she was always laughing, and wasn’t that very tiring?