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Chapter 113.2 - Dream from the Past Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 113.2: Dream from the Past Life

    Her expression congealed for an instant and her voice was very light as she said: “I’m tired, but what can I do? For everyone else, they have their parents protecting them but I only have myself to rely on.”

    “If I am not strong and do not stand out from all the others, I will not be able to attract their attention. For an orphan girl who has no one else to depend on, in this family clan filled with so much malicious scheming and plotting, there wouldn’t be any of my bones left by now.”

    She could be hurt, and she could cry, but no one would pity her if she was like that.

    So before the man who harboured rapacious designs in his heart appeared, Qing Tian Lin whose heart was filled with an insatiable ambition, people just needed to treat her a little bit nicer to make her let down her guard against them. Moreover Qing Tian Lin appeared as her Elder Brother, who showered her with endless concern and indulged her, which caused her to not think of guarding against him at all.

    When she came to see Qing Tian Lin true face in the end, an immense change came over her completely, her personality turning to become entirely different. She was always laughing and smiling before, and she became a person who seemed to wear a mask over her face all the time, making it impossible to read her emotion at any moment in time.

    Ever since then, she became prickly and cold, emotionless and merciless, her heart seemingly hardened, and it had no place for anyone in there.

    Her relationship with Qing Ye Li had slowly grown distant as well, probably because she did not want to believe in anyone anymore, afraid that she’ll be hurt.

    But that did not matter. This time, it would be his turn to stay by her side to protect her, and not allow anyone to harm her.

    The scene then changed. From a young girl that was about ten years old, she had transformed into a mature and alluring woman. She turned herself around slowly, and smiled faintly at him. However, a trickle of red blood flowed down from a raised corner of her lips, which stained his vision blood red.

    Before she fell to the ground, he caught her in a tight embrace, his body shaking uncontrollably. He had never felt so frightened before, as that faint smile from her just now, seemed to be her bidding her final goodbye.

    “I’m so tired…..” Her voice was so light that it seemed the slightest breeze would blow it far away, but it struck so clearly onto his heart.

    “Don’t not try to speak anymore. I will get someone to save you. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine…..” He did not know how he managed to say so many words. It was the first time that he who had always been a man of few words had his indifferent eyes filled with panic.

    The long fingers kept wiping away the blood that surged out from the side of the woman’s mouth, but the more he wiped away, the more blood there was. The bright red blood stained his entire palm, and stained the clothes on him a bright red as well.

    “Damn it! Why can’t I stop the bleeding! ? Why…..” The man’s frantic eyes were red, a heart rending helplessness upon his face. “Stop flowing already, I beg you. What must I do to save you…..”

    “Little Ye…..” The woman’s ice cold slender fingers clasped the side of his face, seemingly with slight tender regret. “Foolish child, what are you crying for? A man does not shed tears easily.”