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Chapter 113.4 - Dream from the Past Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 113.4: Dream from the Past Life

    New life…..

    He would not allow that person to have a chance at a new life.

    Moreover, on the other side…..

    Because of some special reason, whenever he got wounded, it was hard for Lou Jun Yao to recover from it. Hence, the people beside him took exceptional care of his body. Don’t need to mention him getting a tiny wound from a scratch, even if he was to accidentally knock or bump into something, someone would always be there ready to take the brunt of it for him. One could well imagine just how revered that man’s body was to all these people.

    After they came back from the underground lair, although that tiny and negligible scratch had been carefully treated by Bai Zhi Yan, the fever had burned his entire body for one whole night and it was till noon the next day that the fever subsided.

    Bai Zhi Yan had been frantic with worry and did not sleep the entire night, afraid that something might happen to that fella, refusing to leave the room a single step even when a subordinate came in to take over his shift to watch over Lou Jun Yao throughout the night.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s heart was so weighed down with worry about Lou Jun Yao’s condition that he did not even notice the conflicted and concerned gaze the grey robed man was looking at him with, a conclusion coming to take root in the grey robed man’s heart.

    That fella Bai Zhi Yan has indeed been harbouring covetous thoughts towards the Lord, and it seems the feelings were rather deep!

    After the fever subsided and seeing the man on the bed was looking rather weak, Bai Zhi Yan said with his face creased up in impatience. “You listen to me good now. Anything that has to do with that lass, you are not allowed to stick your hands into it in future! Do you hear me? She might have saved your life, but how many times have you helped her both openly and in secret? I don’t think she knows that you were wrecked so badly with fever here, do you think she will feel guilty about it at all?”

    The man knitted up his brows slightly in displeasure and then said in a lazy offhanded manner. “It’s just a fever. What are you getting so uptight about?”

    “You say it’s just a fever? !” Bai Zhi Yan’s peach blossom like eyes were overflowing with emotion, bursting with rage. “Do you know you nearly died from the burning fever? If I had not remained here to watch over you the whole time, you think your fever would have subsided? Have you forgotten the time when you accidentally cut your hand and ended up filling up the entire house with blood? ! And you can tell me that it’s just a fever now! ? Do you know that just a fever can kill you?”

    It could be seen just how angry he was, as his good looking face was flushed a rageful red.

    Lou Jun Yao then sighed rather helplessly as he looked at the man who had gone on such a long rant in one breath and he then asked in a highly concerned voice: “Are you thirsty?”

    “What?” Bai Zhi Yan was baffled.

    [He was talking about something so serious. What does it have anything to do with being thirsty?]

    Lou Jun Yao then explained. “I was afraid that you might be tired having said so much and thought that you might want to have a drink before you continue.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was at a complete loss for words. “…..” He wanted to just vomit out blood and die so much.