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Chapter 114.1 - Scheming Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 114.1: Scheming Beast

    [This fella is never once serious. He can go so far off track even with such a serious topic. How tiring…..]

    [It’s really a subordinate’s sorrow to serve a Lord like this.]

    Criticizing silently in his heart for awhile, Bai Zhi Yan suddenly recalled about the news he had received from a few days back and said: “I heard from the guys that they saw people from the Divine Temple hanging around close to the Dark Regions. They did not do anything but seemed to be searching for something.”

    “Searching?” Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow. “That bunch of people have always proclaimed that they are closest to the gods and portray themselves to be holy saints, never wanting to have any dealings with an evil force like us all this time. For them to come into the territories within the Dark Regions, aren’t they afraid that they’ll be tainted by the evil air and suffer punishment from god?”

    Bai Zhi Yan was amused by those words and went on to say: “You don’t need to emphasize such a clear line between our relationship with them. Who in Cloud Heaven does not know that the revered holy Temple Lord of the Bright Moon Temple who is as beautiful as a celestial goddess has admired the Dark Lord for many years? Heh heh, a pity the flower petals fall upon an indifferent stream…..”

    That was clearly an attempt to make fun of him. Lou Jun Yao cast a sideways glance over at him and said in a lazy tone: “Admiration? She probably wants to suck out my essence for her cultivation. That woman is a serpent under that beauty and you don’t even know that.”

    “Come on, there’s no need to be so harsh with your words. It is also advantageous to you isn’t it? She’s a dual cultivator. Not only will it enhance the harmony of Yin and Yang, it will also consolidate and elevate your cultivation, it’s is really the best of both worlds. Moreover, the other party is so beautiful looking and her heart is absolutely loyal to you, why not….. you just grant people their wish! ?” Bai Zhi Yan laughed, his expression on his face looking highly dirty as he cajoled and teased.

    Lou Jun Yao snorted derisively and said: “Since you like her so much, I’ll send someone to go to the Divine Temple to make a marriage proposal, so that you do not need to constantly be eaten up by jealousy and indulge in wishful thinking.”

    “…..? !” [He is indulging in wishful thinking? He is being eaten up by jealousy? ?]

    [He is just cracking a joke here you know? To think this fella could be so vicious that the man could even dream up a comeback as insidious as offering him up to them in marriage!]

    As expected, even though the man had been wrecked by fever for an entire day and night and his body was still in a weakened state, Bai Zhi Yan was still unable to win that fella in a battle of words like before.


    When the misty fog dispersed, upon the beautiful and stunning countenance of the lady dressed in fiery red, a vague hint of a gentle smile could be seen upon the faint curl at the edges of her lips.

    The slim and seductive figure was seated upon a swing, rocking back and forth lightly as countless pick flower petals fell from the trees above, onto her hair, her body….. The long luscious eyelashes were half lowered, and a multi colour striped butterfly seemed so attracted to the beauty that it landed audaciously on those lashes, reluctant to leave.

    The ticklish feeling from her lashes caused the lady to let out a light laugh, sounding like the tinkle of silver bells, pleasing and melodious that was carefree and joyous to hear.