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Chapter 114.2 - Scheming Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 114.2: Scheming Beast

    She slowly raised up a hand and her sleeve slid down slightly to reveal a fair and smooth wrist, her beautiful veins against her white skin like lustrous jade under the sunlight, glaringly fair.

    The butterfly on her lashes fluttered its wings and obediently flew onto her finger, not moving thereafter.

    That scene was so beautiful it took a person’s breath away, unable to help themselves but lament how could such a amazing person in the world. If a youth were to catch even a glimpse of this, it might come to hinder him his entire life.

    The lightly rocking swing suddenly stopped, and a pair of long arms stretched out to wrap the lady’s slender body tightly in an embrace. A muscular figure appeared, sticking so close to the lady that there wasn’t any bit of a gap between them.

    “Aww, look what you did. You scared away my butterfly.” The lady said in mild anger, her voice exceptionally gentle and enchanting.

    Her beautiful frail jade like hand was held in the person’s grip, their fingers interlocked, which was what scared off the butterfly that .coveted the aura the lady exuded.

    “Who asked my Fei Er to be just too beautiful for words? You make me can’t help myself but want to come close the moment I see you.” As the man whispered those sweet words, the warmth of his breath tickled the lady’s neck, numbingly ticklish.

    The man’s actions teased the lady till she could not help but squirm her body away. She had just turned her head and was about to admonish him, wanting him to keep away from her a little but was suddenly kissed out of the blue. The man’s burning lips and tongue invaded into her world in an instant, dominating and unyielding.

    The lady’s beautiful face could not help but redden. Although shy, she did not reject him, her two slender arms curling up around the man’s neck and her lips parting slightly, allowing the man to overwhelm her forcefully, his very being enveloping her entirely, which wouldn’t dissipate for a long while.

    It was some moments before it stopped, the man holding her by her waist, smiling at her who was panting slightly in his arms, looking highly drained and he could not help but say teasingly. “It has been such a long time already, so why are you still helpless like this? If I am to do anything further to you, wouldn’t you be over exhausted? Hmm?”

    Those words that were heavily laden with meaning made the lady highly embarrassed and tracing a small crescent with her finger, she squeezed out a few words haltingly from her mouth. “You’re such a thug.”

    Hearing that the man let out a soft laugh and he rested his forehead against hers before he said softly: “Call me a thug again and I’ll make that accusation come true, and show you what a real thug will do…..”

    “You…..” The lady’s eyes grew wide, looking like she was filled with indignant rage.

    Before she could even finish her sentence, the man leaned in and kissed her, and his low sexy voice then sounded right beside her ear: “Don’t look at me like that. Fei Er, you know it very well. I have never been able to resist you all along, I will….. not be able to hold back.”