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Chapter 114.3 - Scheming Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 114.3: Scheming Beast

    She leaned her tiny reddened face upon his shoulder, her pearly shell like teeth biting her lip as bashfulness filled her heart, but feeling indescribably sweet at the same time. But in the very next second, the tiny face suddenly looked like it exploded, turning a bright red crimson.

    For no other reason, but because the man’s great hand had led her small hand to slowly move to a spot that was not be described, which threw her into such a panic she wanted to scream out and flee.

    But the man’s voice sounded innocent and aggrieved. “You are to blame. Making it so torturous for me everytime, causing me so much anguish.”

    “Let….. let me go.” Her face was so red it seemed like blood would drip out from it, her voice so soft it was like a mosquito.

    “No, just leave it there like this. Just for awhile.” The man said thuggishly.

    “How can you be so…..”

    “Hm? Me? What?”


    “Oh? Despicable?” The man’s handsome looking face suddenly showed a naughty smile. “Like this?”

    “Eek! Go away…..”

    The lady’s voice was embarrassed almost to death which startled the birds in the woods.

    Qing Yu woke up with a smile. She did not know why she would have such a….. sweet and happy dream.

    Those two people in the dream, were so blissful that it was enviable.

    Fei Er, that was her mother’s birth name.

    That woman, was most probably her mother when she was younger, and that man….. was her father?

    She supposed it should be. Yan Su had said before that her mother was a seemingly gentle woman who kept everyone else at arm’s length. To be able to make her show such a joyous smile that came right out from her heart must be because of the man she loved so dearly and deeply, the one and only man she had ever loved.

    All in all, it was a good dream!

    She thought, that the day would come that she would not just see them through her dreams, but to meet them face to face.

    The sun had already risen outside, and it could be seen just how long she had been dreaming.

    She got up out of bed and had just changed her clothes when she suddenly heard a commotion just outside her door. Qing Bei’s suppressed voice then sounded. “The two of you had better stop for awhile. My elder sis probably slept late last night and still has not awoken. Wait till she sees the two of you fighting again. She would definitely get angry.”

    “Meatball did not start the fight! It’s this ugly thing here that is bullying and ostracizing Meatball.” The little beast’s voice was indignant and aggrieved.

    “Croak! ! !” [You are the ugly one! Your whole family’s ugly! !]

    Little Snow was so angry it wanted to strike that little beast.

    [Bullying a toad because I can’t talk? You dare to insult me looks? Even Mistress has praised how beautiful I look!]

    “You ugly thing! How dare you scold my mother! I will not let you get away with that!”

    Meatball was enraged. It only has mother as its only kin, so its “whole family” consists of only itself and Mother. You can scold the little beast itself, but the little beast will not tolerate anyone scolding its mother! !