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Chapter 114.4 - Scheming Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 114.4: Scheming Beast

    “Croak croak!” [It’s you I am scolding and not Mistress!]

    “Meatball is Mother’s baby and you scolded Meatball’s whole family, which means you’re scolding Mother!” The little beast’s blue eyes had turned red, a strange dark surge rising up from deep within its eyes.

    It was just about to lash out with an attack when a lazy sounding voice reached them. “What happened?”

    The moment that voice sounded, Little Snow immediately hopped over, its face accusatory.

    “Croak croak croak!”

    [Mistress, Mistress, it’s that little thing there! It snatched this toad’s candy beans and ate them. Hurry up and throw it out of here!]

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and she turned her gaze over, only to see the coal black little ball’s back facing her, its short little tail drooping limply as its ears hung sadly down the sides of its head, looking forlorn and lonely.

    “Meatball?” Qing Yu called out, feeling a little puzzled

    This fella had always come bounding over without needing to call out to it and what was it doing there looking so sad this early morning?

    Qing Yu took a step forward and scooped it up into her arms. The little thing continued to hang its head low and did not move.

    She reached her hand out to shift that tiny creature till it faced her and lifted that tiny little head. She then saw that adorable little face showing such a sorrowful expression and its large blue eyes brimming over with tears about to spill out, but the tiny one was fighting to hold it in. The moment the little creature saw her, those tears fell like rain, pitter patter onto her hands and wetting her palm, the tiny body shivering hard.

    Qing Yu had brought the tiny beast back because it had been just too lovable and seeing it cry now just broke her heart to pieces. She quickly patted its back like she would soothing a little child, her voice gentle and comforting as she cooed: “My little precious, what’s wrong now? Why are you crying so bitterly? You’re breaking Mother’s heart into pieces like this. Stop crying now and tell Mother, which bad egg bullied you?”

    Seeing such a gentle side of the young lady, even Qing Bei’s eyes flared with in disbelief, suddenly subconsciously becoming jealous of that tiny little beast.

    His sister had never ever been that gentle with him before! How unfair!

    And Little Snow knew that it was in great trouble when it saw that. [That beast is really just too scheming! To think that it knows to play soft to gain sympathy! That imp made itself look so pitiful just to win Mistress’ sympathy! It was being so unbelievably arrogant and audacious just a moment before, almost wanting to scratch my face off just now!]

    On this side, Meatball had had enough of crying which pained its Mother’s heart good and proper before it said sobbingly: “Meatball….. Hoo hoo….. Meatball just wanted to eat those sweet things….. But the toad said….. Wahhh~….. It said Mother is his….. so those sweet things are his….. and the toad asked Meatball to get lost….. saying mother will no longer love Meatball one day…..”