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Chapter 115.1 - Doesn’t Hurt When There’s No Competition

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 115.1: Doesn’t Hurt When There’s No Competition

    Once those words came out, Qing Yu immediately understood that the incident was caused by that fella Little Snow’s jealousy and wanting to get ahead.

    Qing Yu’s eyes darkened and her gaze were sharp as knives as they swiveled onto a tiny figure that was thinking of secretly slipping away.

    She stretched two fingers out and picked up the toad, bringing it up right before her eyes. The phoenix like eyes narrowed slightly, her voice threatening. “Are you beginning to miss the taste of Double Boiled Snow Toad with rock sugar? Hm?”

    Little Snow shivered subconsciously, its eyes filled with undisguised fear.

    It could still remember back when it had once secretly gobbled up elixirs that the Mistress had spent an entire night cultivating which threw Qing Yu into such a great fit of anger. In order to teach Little Snow a lesson it would remember deeply, she had actually put the little beast into a pot and….. double boiled it!

    She had added rock sugar and a big mess of various herbs, double boiling it for more than a good half of the day, which almost cooked the poor little beast!

    Fortunately it was quite a mature Snow Toad and its thick hide and tough flesh prevented it from suffering much harm, but the feeling of slowing being boiled was really tormenting and the taste of all those strange herbs mixed with rock sugar tasted really bad.

    Upon hearing that it was in danger of being double boiled once again, Little Snow quickly shook its head violently and put on the most pitiful look it could when its survival instincts kicked in, its short feet that had been kicking as it struggled now not moving at all, looking pathetic like it had been gravely hurt and highly aggrieved.

    Qing Yu snorted coldly and said: “The next time I see you bully Meatball again just because you’ve spent a longer period of time with me, I will peel that beautiful skin off your back.”


    Little Snow rushed to nod its head, not daring to raise any objection.]

    [What kind of a joke is that? Rather then peel off its skin, it would rather it be thrown into the boiler. Its beautiful skin was the thing it was most proud of.]

    But it had inadvertently come to see a particular obedient looking beast crouched right beside Qing Yu, a little black ball of coal with eyes looking so sly and filled with glee, not avoiding its gaze when their eyes met and even shaking its tiny tail in a show of triumphant victory.

    [Croak croak croak! ! !]

    [That scheming beast!]

    [You think you’re that great just because you’re adorable?]

    [Mistress, look at that little beast! Do not be deceived by its pitiful act! !]

    — Faint Mist Sect —

    The quarterly internal trials were about to begin and slightly more than a month after the trials would be the recruitment of new disciples. This time, the various Elders and teachers in the Faint Mist Sect were seemingly highly eager, seeking to compete with each other.

    In the Faint Mist Sects top hundred ranking, except for the time that Su Li Mo achieved the unprecedented three hundred consecutive wins, there hadn’t been much changes in the positions. No one could beat that legendary winning streak and the only constant changes in positions were in the lower ranks with just one or two movements in the higher ranks.

    That had caused much displeasure among many of the teachers as many of those people who managed to get into the top hundred ranks began to get conceited, feeling rather pleased with themselves.

    They did not think of moving further up the ranks but just sought to keep their current positions, not having the slightest ambition nor sense of crisis, never once thinking to take on the outstanding elite disciples among the top twenty and were content with the current situation. They would turn to become the Faint Mist Sect’s parasites sooner or later like this and bring about the collapse of the Faint Mist Sect’s level bit by bit.

    They greatly anticipated the injection of new blood in this upcoming round of recruitment which would replace many of those parasites among the rankings.

    And it was heard that there were quite a number of outstanding young shoots among the people taking part in the Three Great Sect’s recruitment competition who would not pale in comparison with the top twenty after some careful nurturing. They also had to be careful that those outstanding shoots were not snatched up by those guys from the Limitless Sect and the Carefree Valley.