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Chapter 115.2 - Doesn’t Hurt When There’s No Competition

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 115.2: Doesn’t Hurt When There’s No Competition

    At that moment, a sweat inducing battle had just ended in the training hall and it was break time for everyone. A group of people were crowded together, discussing the latest news they had just received.

    “Hey, did all of you hear? It is said that for this current trials, except for Su Li Mo, none of the others among the top five will show up!” Someone came in close to say in a conspiratorial tone.

    “Why? The internal trials is the day that fresh new blood might be injected into the Faint Mist Sect and great changes might occur in the rankings. How can they not come?” Another person asked, seemingly feeling displeased with the top ranking guys.

    “Haha. The moment I hear you say that, I know that you are one of those who are so engrossed only in cultivation and do not pay any attention to the events happening in the world outside.” The person mocked with a laugh, acting like he knew some inside information, making everyone around him prick up their ears curiously.

    “Although the people among the Faint Mist Sect’s top hundred ranks have changed again and again through the times, but the top five positions have never once moved before. I heard that the few of them are extremely close to each other, close as brothers. The reason why they had not challenged each other before is because they do not care about the ranking at all. Moreover, not to mention the other four, just the monstrous Su Li Mo who set the record of three hundred consecutive wins is already someone that no one without some real capabilities is able to challenge!”

    After that person said that, his face then showed a strange expression and he continued to say in a low whisper. “I have been in the Faint Mist Sect for quite a good number of years already but even I have not seen those few guys before. They are all highly mysterious entities.”

    “Isn’t it said that Su Li Mo will show himself this time? We’ll be able to see one of them at least.”

    “That’s right. The skilled expert who set the record of three hundred consecutive wins. I would really like to have a gander what kind of a person he is like.”

    “He might be rather old.”

    They were still huddled together in discussion when the sound of a clear and unrestrained laughter rang out from outside, and two men dressed in white brocade robes with cloud pattern embroidery came in.

    The man on the left was taller and more muscular, with a healthy wheat coloured complexion, his brows handsome but gentle looking at the same time, his entire body exuding an enchanting charm.

    The man on the right was slightly slimmer but still possessed a well built stature. His facial features were gentle and elegant, the corners of his lips tinged with a faint smile, the image of a refined gentleman. But there was a slight sense of disaffection exuding from him, his air and demeanor lofty, noble and elegant.

    The cloud patterned embroidered uniforms were already eye catching by themselves and with the added outstanding looks of those two people, they had naturally captured everyone’s attention.

    “It’s Lian Shao Jie and Xuanyuan Che!”

    Besides the mysterious and elusive few people among the top five ranks who seldom appeared before people and few anything knew about them, all the others were more or less recognizable by people among them.

    Lian Shao Jie was the eldest son of the Martial Kingdom’s Right Wing General, his identity noble and a righteous individual. So even if you do not look at his identity, just his personality alone would win him quite a number of friends.

    Xuanyuan Che was the Green Wave Kingdom’s Crown Prince who possessed a higher and even more noble identity. Just his handsome looking face alone was enough to get many of his female senior fellow disciples drooling but unfortunately for them, the Faint Mist Sect’s internal rules and regulations were very strict, so even if they secretly harboured intentions, they did not dare do anything about that, as it was no small matter if they were to be thrown out of the sect.

    Many of the ladies had not completely given up even when he was engaged in marriage before, hence now that his engaged was called off and he was now a free man, the number of women eyeing him covetously had greatly increased.

    There were many instances for a chance encounter or to brush shoulders fleetingly with him, but a pity His Highness the Crown Prince was straight laced and not one who liked to womanize, not giving anyone of them a single chance.

    Lian Shao Jie was ranked tenth on the top hundred chart and Xuanyuan Che was seventh.

    These two highly powerful men who also possessed such great looks would naturally have many people seeking to win their favour wherever they went and countless young ladies will look at them bashfully, unable to hide the admiration in their eyes