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Chapter 116.2 - The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 116.2: The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons

    It was until his hands fell limply down that the others saw that two tiny snakes had just come out from inside his eyes, tearing the eyeballs out from their sockets.

    Mere moments later, from his nostrils, ears, and even his mouth, several tiny snakes came crawling out, and his body suddenly expanded like a balloon being pumped up, before exploding with a bang when the body reached its limits with blood and gory flesh splattering in all directions. In the remaining puddle of flesh and blood, a pile of snakes writhed and slithered.

    The three other remaining disciples immediately retched and vomited.

    The scene was just too nauseating and terrifying at the same time.

    That man, was just strangely frightening. He had clearly not done anything but just asked a question in an indifferent voice while giving their fellow disciple an expressionless glance, and such an unfathomable thing had happened in the next instant.

    Seeing the other few disciples guarding the entrance shaking like leaves in the wind, the snake tattoo guy burst out laughing and then walked over closer to them with an indiscernible smile, his face seemingly rather agreeable. “Why not we do this? You open up the entrance and I’ll spare you your lives. How’s that?”

    He put on such a highly amiable demeanor as if he wasn’t responsible for the brutal way their fellow disciple had just been killed at all, and even when he said that he would spare them their lives, who knew whether he was telling them the truth/

    A man with such a volatile temperament…..

    But the Faint Mis Sect’s rules said that if any one of them were to reveal the sect’s entrance, no good end would come to them. Hence, the few of them steeled their hearts and were determined to not reveal anything even at the threat of their lives. Right at that moment, the air before them shimmered and the three wounded disciples disappeared into thin air.

    In their place, were twenty to thirty inner sect disciples dressed in the sect’s white uniforms. Their powers, were naturally quite a lot stronger than the disciples guarding the entrance earlier.

    The person standing right at the front of the group seemed to be their leader and when he saw the scene before him, his face darkened slightly. He then turned to face the several men in scarlet robes and said in a rather astounded voice. “Could it be that you are….. the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons?”

    “So, a sharp eyed one has come.” The snake tattoo man said mockingly with a low whistle. “But no matter how many of you come, you’ll only be delivering yourselves to your deaths. Be good and open up the entrance so my brothers here can go in to have their fun, then nothing will happen to you. Do we really need to cross blades like this? For what?”

    His tone of voice was even tinged with regret, sounding like he was unwilling to strike at them and create any disharmony, which caused the several people behind him to be unable to help themselves but burst out in raucous laughter.

    This fella was the youngest among the eight of them but was best at shooting his mouth off without restraint and loved to put on acts like this, the one with the smartest and wittiest mind.