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Chapter 116.4 - The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 116.4: The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons

    Those words had naturally been spoken by the man with the snake tattoo. He had always had the gift of the gab and when he imitated the speech of all those literary scholars, he was perfect, sounding intellectual and well read.

    Hearing him proclaim himself as an uncouth country bumpkin and was here to be instructed, he was a completely different person from his usual wild and brutal self, which was just too funny to watch, causing all his comrades looking at him to can’t help but burst out laughing.

    This fella was really just too mischievous.

    The group of Faint Mist Sect disciples were speechless and thought to themselves if they had not witnessed how cruelly and viciously he had just killed their fellow disciples, they might just believe a little of his words. But looking at the situation now, it was clear that the group of scarlet robed men were here to challenge them.

    When the leading discipline heard that, his brows furrowed up slightly and he deliberated for awhile in his heart before he clasped his hand over his fist and said: “Will you gentlemen be willing to hear me out for a moment? It will be the Faint Mist Sect’s internal trials in three days where all of the sect’s disciples will be dueling each other in a grand meet by elimination to determine the top hundred that would grace our charts. And since you gentlemen seeks to gain an understanding of our skills, why not come back three days later where not only would you be able to watch an exciting competition but you will also be able to issue a challenge to the more outstanding disciples among us and exchange pointers. Wouldn’t that be a winning solution in more ways than one for everyone?”

    That disciple was really quite good with words and he was neither imitated nor driven into a panic before such friends but was instead clear or incisive with his words, calm and collected throughout the conversation, his steady temperament anything but ordinary.

    His actions had also made the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons look at him in a better light.

    “Would you words carry enough weight to make such a decision? Doesn’t the Faint Mist Sect prohibit any outsiders from entering?” The snake tattoo guy said with a imperceptible smile on his face.

    “It seems that there is something your esteemed self might not be aware of. The internal trails will not be held within the sect premises so there is no need for you to be suspicious of what I am saying. If our honoured guests is willing to heed my words and come back three days later, I will immediately clarify it with our sect leader when I go back. The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons are powerful pugilists rarely seen and I would think that the sect leader would definitely welcome all of you.” The man then paused for a moment before he continued: “Afterall, compared to being despised by forcing your way in, wouldn’t you very much rather be received as guests in a grand fashion? I am sure you esteemed gentlemen here would very much prefer the latter choice.”

    The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons looked at each other and they seemed to agree with his words silently.

    “You are quite a bold one I must say. In that case, my brothers and I here will believe you this time. You go back to tell your sect leader everything said here today clearly and we will come back as your guests three days later.” The snake tattoo guy said with smiling eyes and then disappeared from the spot he was standing in together with the others.

    All the other disciples wiped off the sheen on cold sweat on their foreheads. Fortunately for them, the danger had passed.

    “Senior, we’re so lucky to have you here. Otherwise we might not be able to leave this place with our lives today!”