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Chapter 117.1 - Call of a Fragmented Spiri

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 117.1: Call of a Fragmented Spirit

    In contrast to everyone else who collectively heaved sighs of relief, the brows of the leader of the disciples were creased up, not easing in the slightest.

    The trials of all the sects were always held internally and they had never once had any outsiders taking part before. But in order to protect the lives of his fellow disciples, he had had no choice but to play it that way.

    The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons. Even with just a single one among them, it would be enough to thrash them and hang them all upside down.

    Seeing that worried look on his face, a disciple beside him then asked him in puzzlement: “Senior, haven’t you gotten all those people to leave already? What are you still so worried about?”

    “You think everything is fine just because they’re gone?” The man said as he shook his head and gave a long sigh. “I don’t even know why this bunch of freaks would come all the way here from such a faraway place and every single one of them holds such great power. I fear that there would be no end to the trouble we would meet at the trials. The Faint Mist Sect is the top sect in these lands and if we are defeated by such a small group of people, how are we going to have any more standing in these lands when news of what happened spread! ?”

    His fellow disciples have clearly only considered the situation immediately in front of them, and had not thought deeper into it.

    The trials this time would no longer just be conducted internally among themselves but they would all have to stand together against an outside enemy force.

    [Seems like they would have to invite the top five ranks back to hold the fort this time…..]


    Night fell, and insects of unknown names chirped softly while hidden within the darkness, adding some life to the loneliness of night.

    Along winding and meandering walkways and around a majestic pavilion dwelling, the tinkle from ripples over the water sounded as the night breeze brushed over its surface. Flowers of nameless species blossomed silently, extending their petals as they presented their radiance and beauty.

    “Help me….. I am in agony…..”

    It seemed to be a woman’s weak cry, made with just a faint sliver of breath as the voice struggled painfully.

    Lou Jun Yao had just fallen asleep for a short while when he suddenly heard this cry. He slowly opened his eyes, his gaze crystal clear.

    [Where had this voice come from?]

    [It seemed like it was from a place very far away, and that was why when it reached his ears, it sounded so weak and faint, almost inaudible.]

    [Could he be dreaming?]


    He calmed his heart and closed his eyes, listening carefully in silence. But he did not hear that voice anymore. It was only when he thought that he must have imagined it all and was about to give up when he suddenly heard it again.

    “I am in agony….. Help me….. Jun Er….. Help me…..”

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze froze, and he sat up in his bed in an instant.

    [That voice….. was calling out to him!]

    [Who is that…..]