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Chapter 117.2 - Call of a Fragmented Spiri

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 117.2: Call of a Fragmented Spirit

    He had lost both his parents from young and he had started planning for revenge for as long as he could remember. He then came to establish the Dark Legion, fearfully respected by everyone, with all of them addressing him as The Eminent Dark Lord.

    No one in the Dark Legion, with the exception of Bai Zhi Yan who was on closer terms to him as they grew up together, would dare to address him by name directly, much less call out to him in such an affectionate manner.

    If that was not his mother, then it could only be this one other person.

    The kind and gentle woman with superb intelligence and treated him like he was her own child.

    The woman who had held him warmly in a warm embrace when his mind had very nearly fallen into devilry right after he washed the entire family of his enemy in a bloodbath. There was no fear or disgust in her eyes, but just heavy stricken pain she felt for him.

    That was the only glimmer of warmth in the ruthless and cold blooded world he lived in, but had perished prematurely, her soul scattered and dispersed many years before.

    He had been traversing between the few realms for so many years, all for the sake of gathering her fragmented soul scattered all over the place and to revive her.

    Just now….. That must be her voice calling out to him!

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes the sleepiness seeped out from him completely. To think that this low level continent would come to contain remaining traces of her dispersed soul. She must have….. come here before while she was still alive!

    Since he did not feel sleepy at all, he would naturally not let the others enjoy peace. With absolutely no concern that people needed to sleep and rest right in the middle of the night, he got the others to wake up from their dreams.

    It wasn’t all that bad for Bai Zhi Yan who merely let out a great big yawn and looked a little tired but was a lot more awake after a while.

    But for the grey robed man who was soundly asleep twenty hours out of twenty four in a day, even though he was awoken from his sleep, his eyes had not opened at all. His body was seated upright, but his head was like a little chick pecking at grains, nodding incessantly, until he accidentally hit his chin onto the table before he came fully awake from shock.

    “What is it? What is it? What happened? Did an assassin sneak in?” The grey robed man was suddenly peering warily all around.

    Bai Zhi Yan rubbed his handsome looking face and said in a lazy voice: “If there really is an assassin, you would have died more than a hundred times already.”

    “Then what is it that is so important? ?” The grey robed man asked with a serious look on his face. “My Lord, just give me your orders if there is anything you need.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s devilishly mesmerizing violet eyes deepened. “With this matter, no one but you will be able to do it”

    Suddenly entrusted with such heavy responsibility, the grey robed man was feeling overwhelmed by the attention bestowed upon him.

    Since the day he had come to serve the Lord by his side, he had always felt that he had not been of much use to the Lord, and the only mission he had been entrusted with was only to go protect a little lass, which demoralized him greatly.

    This time, seeing the Lord looking at him with such a grave expression, he immediately perked himself up good and proper.

    “I want you to look for traces of a scattered soul in the Constellation Lands. You are born with a pair of Yin Yang eyes that can see spirits of the netherworld, and also possess powerful senses that are able to detect their presence. So this should not be too difficult a task for you.” Lou Jun Yao said slowly.