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Chapter 117.3 - Call of a Fragmented Spiri

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 117.3: Call of a Fragmented Spirit

    Hearing him say those words, the grey robed man was stunned for a moment. “Fragmented soul?”

    Although he did not know the reason why the Lord wanted him to seek out a fragmented soul, but he still went ahead to ask very seriously. “This fragmented soul…. Is it a living person or is he dead?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly as he replied softly: “She passed away several decades ago.”

    The grey robed man was surprised. “So many years ago? Then it would really be rather hard to find!”

    It must be known that when one’s soul departs from their flesh shell and they did not go where they were supposed to go, their spirit body would become weaker the longer they remained in the mortal world. For a person who has been dead for decades….. Her spirit soul still has not disappeared?

    That was just incredible.

    The expression on Bai Zhi Yan’s face could not be determined and he then suddenly seemed to recall something.

    Lou Jun Yao gazed into the dark night sky and the woman’s voice seemed to still reverberate in his ears. “I can feel that her fragmented soul isn’t too far away from the Gathered Cloud Loft.”

    “That would greatly diminish the scope to be within the Green Wave Country.”

    The grey robed man nodded and then stood up. Compared to his usual sleepy and indolent self, he was full of live and vigor at that moment, his eyes alight as he said: “I will go look for it right now. My Lord, tell me if there are any distinctive features about that fragmented soul, and it is a woman?”

    “She was from Cloud Heaven and her soul was scattered and dispersed because of an accident. Fragments of her soul scattered over into several realms and I have been searching for traces of her fragmented soul for many years, but to no avail. But just a quarter of an hour before, I sensed her presence and she was calling out to me for help.”

    “That mystifying?” The grey robed man asked in surprise.

    At that moment, Bai Zhi Yan suddenly spoke up softly: “This broken soul you are searching for….. Could it possibly be Aunt Lan?”

    Having known Lou Jun Yao for so long, he had naturally known that this fella had an elder he greatly respected, one of the rare few people he cared about. For this man who always just did as he pleased, towards this Aunt Lan, would however listen to what she said a little.

    A pity great beauties suffer unfortunate fates and she passed away at the prime of her life.

    “Yes, it’s her.” Lou Jun Yao’s voice deepened, his mood seemingly sombre.

    Although he had never given up on searching for any traces of her, but it had been so many years and he had not thought of that person so deeply for a long time.

    But in that moment when his mind was not entirely clear earlier, he had gotten a brief glimpse of that unforgettable past, the countenance of that once blooming beauty now haggard looking, the expression on her face one of sorrow and despair. He could not even begin to imagine what kind of pain and torment she must have suffered, that could cause such a proud and strong willed woman to be so defeated, and to look so weak and frail.