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Chapter 117.4 - Call of a Fragmented Spiri

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 117.4: Call of a Fragmented Spirit

    That was something that Lou Jun Yao was not able to accept. What he saw in Aunt Lan was warmth and light that he looked up to, and unyielding pride that many people could not even begin to compare to, one who would rather break than bend to the will of others.

    Hence, no matter what it takes, he would need to save that woman from the torment she was trapped in.

    This was something that even Bai Zhi Yan whom he was closest to knew little about.

    He only knew that the there was a forbidden place within the Dark Regions that had existed for many years. That was a place that no one other than the Eminent Dark Lord himself could step into, so heavily guarded by soldiers that not even a fly was able to get in.

    Although Lou Jun Yao kept himself idle and leisurely most of the time by delegating everything to his subordinates, but he would make a trip to the forbidden place himself every once in a while, remaining in there for several hours at a time. It was so mysterious that many of them really almost could not resist wanting to go in there to see what was the secret hidden inside so carefully.

    But the cad Lou Jun Yao had not only put the entrance into the forbidden place under heavy guard, he had even placed an unbelievably malevolent super divine beast to further enhance the security, who must have received strict orders to kill any intruder on sight.

    If it were to let any intruder sneak in, even if it was a precious priceless super divine beast, that demon lord would slaughter the beast without even blinking. That had always been the way he handled things, where any who defied him would meet their deaths, mercilessly brutal.

    Hence back in the Dark Legion, none of those top grade super divine beast were frightening. What terrified them the most was their Eminent Dark Lord, a person who could be smiling amicably at you one moment, and suddenly just shred anyone who displeased him to pieces the very next second.

    A terrifying thought suddenly came into Bai Zhi Yan’s mind.

    The forbidden place in the Dark Regions….. Could it be hiding a person in there! ?


    The sky had just turned bright and the young lady seated cross legged on the bed slowly opened her eyes as she expelled a long breath.

    Within those lovely long upslanted eyes, a golden red sliver flashed fleetingly inside, which added a devilish flair to them. The exquisitely beautiful countenance seemed to become more alluring the moment those eyes opened, that could just hook a person’s soul away completely.

    At one glance, one might think that she was some demoness cultivating some kind of demonic skill.

    “Mistress, congratulations! You have broken through to the seventh measure in the Burial Soul Arts.” The golden haired youth’s clear and enchanting voice sounded slowly, filled with smiles and gratification. “Looks like my awakening has been of some help to Mistress. To think that Mistress has jumped up two measures in less than a year’s time when it took you a good six years just to attain the fifth measure in the beginning.”

    Because when one’s weapon spirit was severely injured, it would affect their host greatly as well, as every time the host achieves a breakthrough or absorbs external powers, half of it would go to the weapon spirit.

    Qing Yu stretched out her fair skinned palm and she could feel the vigorous power coursing through. Although she had reached right up to the eighth measure in her previous life at her peak, she had not experienced such an intense change.