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Chapter 118.2 - Following the Crowd

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 118.2: Following the Crowd

    “You are just finding excuses for the weakness you showed!” Elder Jin said, highly infuriated.

    “If that is what the Elder insists on thinking, the your disciple has nothing more to say to that.” Rong Yi responded, and he then turned his eyes to look up at the man seated high up on the elevated host seat. “Sect Leader, I think the most important thing now is come up with measures to deal with the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons. Although the rumours about them say just how terrifying they are, some of it might be unjustly exaggerated. But I saw with my own eyes the strange and mysterious method those people employed to deal a killing strike and our Faint Mist Sect’s disciples were not able to retaliate at all. I must admit that the group of them possess some real power.”

    The arc at the ends of the green robed man’s mouth deepened and his voice was rich and mellow as he said: “You have always been smart and I think you already have an idea in mind.”

    “On the surface, the purpose of this round’s trials are to bring about some changes in the top hundred chart but I’m sure everyone here knows deep down inside that it is to drive out the parasites lying hidden within the sect, where survival of the fittest would establish a healthier front that will be shown to the new recruits joining us thereafter. Hence, I feel that this is a great chance for us.” Rong Yi was not considered exceptionally outstanding but his clean cut and enduring good looking face then showed a deep and meaningful smile. “We can just use the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons as a gauge for our disciples, where we can then see which ones among us really hold true powers.”

    What gall! To think that the notorious Crimson Land’s Eight Demons were going to be used as mere training opponents against their sect’s lower disciples. If word of this leaked out, it would surely cause quite a stir. He really doesn’t hold back with his words does he?

    When those words came out, the various Elders could not help but started debating furiously. Some marveled at his bold audacity and resolve, while some think he was just dreaming and spouting nonsense.

    The man up on the main seat let out a low laugh and it was a while before he spoke. “Rong Yi, oh Rong Yi. You really can read this Sect Leader’s thoughts the most. I can only hope that you will not continue to withhold and hide your hand when the time comes.”

    “Your disciple will definitely do the best I can.” Rong Yi said with a slight bow of his head.

    “In that case, I will leave this matter in your hands!” The green robed man then raised a hand, indicating that he can take his leave.

    Rong Yi immediately retreated his way out.

    After he left, Elder Jin who had opened his mouth in admonishment earlier then creased up his brows and said in a rather disapproving tone: “Sect Leader, I do not understand why do you indulge Rong Yi so much? He is risking the entire Faint Mist Sect in a gamble this time!”

    The real reason why he had been so furious was actually not because of the cowardice where Rong Yi had not dared to fight the enemy as mentioned earlier. It was because the opponent this time were not ordinary people, but Rong Yi had acceded to such unreasonable conditions with them. What if it ends up that the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples were all defeated by them, he feared that it would result in them losing all face and standing across the lands.

    “What is Elder Jin so worried about? Could you really be afraid of all those rumours? Would this greatest sect throughout the lands of ours be unable to deal with these few barbaric brutes from the easternmost edge?” A white bearded Elder at the side then said, stroking his beard as he asked.