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Chapter 118.3 - Following the Crowd

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 118.3: Following the Crowd

    Hearing that, Elder Jin did not speak up in rebuttal but just said with a stern face: “Elder Mo might not be aware of this but only three lived among the disciples guarding the entrance on that day. One still has not regained consciousness from severe injuries and although the other two did not suffer heavy injury, they have both gone mad.”

    And how many among the people in the Faint Mist Sect are kindly frail sprouts?

    People of mediocre abilities would not have the qualification to go in there at all and one of the tests to gain entry was their mental and psychological mettle, where people who fail that would already be disqualified.

    So just how terrifying could the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons be that it was able to drive two of their disciples holding significant powers out of their minds.

    Once Elder Jin’s words came out, the atmosphere in the hall immediately grew repressive.

    “All of you do not have to worry. Since I let Rong Yi to take charge of this, that would mean that we have a foolproof plan for it.” The man up on the main seat said, his eyes shining bright with wisdom as always. “Moreover, have all of you forgotten that what the Faint Mist Sect lacks the least are skilled fighters. Just that kid Su Li Mo who is able to take on a hundred people by himself still holds powers we have not yet seen, not to mention the few others ranked above him. This is the first time since the Faint Mist Sect has been established that we encounter people coming right up to our door to challenge us. I think it is about time we let all of them stretch and workout their bodies and meridians a bit.”

    “One more thing…..” The man paused for a moment and then said smilingly: “Elder Jin, don’t keep picking on Rong Yi anymore. That kid is hiding a lot deep down inside. When he came to the Faint Mist Sect five years ago, he immediately fought his way right up to the twenty first rank and has remained entrenched in that position, not moving up or down. Haven’t you ever thought that there is anything strange about that?”

    Elder Jin was taken aback, and he thought back on the many times he thought the Sect Leader had overindulged Rong Yi before he opened his mouth in shock: “Could he be hiding his true strength?”

    “Much more than just his strength!” The green robed man’s sleek long fingers rubbed at his chin, seemingly rather mournful. “He told me back then that being among the top twenty is too bothersome as the pressure is greater and there are too many responsibilities, so he seeks only to remain at the twenty first position.”

    But little did he expect that the Sect Leader was more black bellied than he thought. Refuse to join the top twenty? Alright. Then all the other inner disciples will be under your charge where you will be responsible for them as their senior fellow disciple, managing all their affairs, big and small included.

    Because the Sect Leader felt a little guilty he had dumped the duty of playing big brother to all the inner disciples onto Rong Yi. None of them among the top twenty were willing to take up this heavy mantle and the hard work had fallen onto Rong Yi’s shoulders, so it was understandable that he allowed Rong Yi a certain amount of leeway.

    In a blink, the day of the internal trials came.

    Because the location of the trials this time was outside the sect’s premises, spectators were allowed. Many people made their way there in an excited rush very early but when they came to the place, it made one feel like screaming out in a tearless cry.