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Chapter 118.4 - Following the Crowd

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 118.4: Following the Crowd

    It was for no other reason than the fact that the location selected for the trials was at one of the three most dangerous places in the Constellation Land, the Lost Bog Forest.

    It was said that it was a place of no return, where one would completely lose their bearings once they went inside. If one did not possess some level of skill, it was advised that they do not go in there to court their own death. Although it was a thick and dense forest, but once one passed through a hundred meters of poisonous bog land, the center region was a large safe area.

    The Faint Mist Sect had chosen this place because they could on one hand test their disciples’ skills, and also to discourage the number of people from coming to watch the battles on the other. Afterall, if they were to be quashed by the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons, it wouldn’t look too good on them at all.

    Qing Yu’s usual disguise as a man possessed mesmerizing phoenix like eyes that were incomparably alluring and coupled with her flawless and exquisitely handsome face, she could not be merely described as being so unbelievably attractive that she dazzled mankind.

    Qing Bei was her twin brother and although their faces were about seventy to eighty percent alike, his eyes were clear and gentle with elegantly handsome facial features, a refined young man unlike Qing Yu’s devilish and bewitching beauty.

    Further comparing them, the personality and mannerisms of these two people were even more different. One was squeaky clean like a deity banished from the Heavens while the other was seductive and alluring like the devil.

    They attracted quite a good rate of heads being turned their way from people who thought that there would be little young masters with such exquisite faces, highly pleasing to the eye. It could be seen with just one look that they were of noble birth, a member of aristocracy but it was wondered whether they possessed the ability to successfully reach the center region of the Lost Bog Forest.

    Qing Bei looked at the forest ahead swirling with a faint mist and he opened his mouth to say: “We won’t encounter the same thing that we did back at Hell’s Canyon will we? Will the entrance disappear altogether as well?”

    “Haha, a classic case of bitten once by a snake and fears the rope on the well for ten years.” Qing Yu laughed softly, and then continued to say: “There aren’t any strange mutant spirit beasts here but maybe some mutant plant species similar to the Lunar Enamoured Flowers in my herb garden, merely dangers that are present in a natural environment.”

    Qing Bei nodded and said: “I’ll walk in front to seek out a path and you can also see whether the current level of my powers will be able to lead us through this hundred meters of bogland.”

    In the previous wilderness training, because of unexpected changes, they had come out after just a few days. Moreover what they encountered back then were mostly ferocious spirit beasts, and not natural dangers in the environment like this where Qing Bei was feeling a little eager to test himself.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and replied: “I’ll watch the rear.”