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Chapter 119.2 - Grand Trials

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 119.2: Grand Trials

    After about a cup of tea’s time had passed, several more figures came walking in in intermittent intervals, both male and females disciples in white uniforms with cloud patterns embroidered on the ends of their sleeves and lapels.

    The one among them attracting the most attention would definitely be the one and only female within the top ten ranks, the most prodigious lady of the Green Wave Kingdom, Yan Ning Luo.

    This stunning beauty with an exceptionally elegant demeanor was born with a fortuitous mark between her brows, the Ardent Violet.

    It was once prophesied that the person who wins Yan Ning Luo’s hand would definitely come to reign over a region and achieve great accomplishments as this woman brings her spouse immense luck, hence the number of admirers and suitors she had was always more than she could count.

    Not to mention those within the Green Wave Kingdom itself, about a third of all the men throughout the entire lands sought to win her heart. However, not only was she beautiful, she also possessed high and profound cultivation and her icy cold personality made it even more difficult for anyone to get close. Although no one knew why she had called off the marriage engagement with the Green Wave Kingdom’s Crown Prince that had been set since they were very young, but it had surely emboldened the people seeking to woo her.

    There were two other ladies dressed in the same white uniforms with cloud patterned embroidery decorating their cuffs and lapels beside Yan Ning Luo with outstanding looks as well. Yan Ning Luo was ninth in ranking while the other two ladies had one ranked twelfth and the other fourteenth. They were never far away from Yan Ning Luo, her loyal supporters.

    And not long after they reached, another group of people came walking in right after. They were Xuanyuan Che and Lian Shao Jie with several other inner disciples who came here together with them. They were chatting amongst themselves when someone suddenly whispered in a low voice: “Isn’t that Yan Ning Luo over there?”

    That was when Xuanyuan Che came to notice the few people in front. As he raised his head up to gaze over there, his eyes met Yan Ning Luo’s and the two of them immediately turned away from each other.

    Ever since the time the engagement was annulled back in the Imperial Palace, they had not met again. Back in the past while in the sect, they had also always avoided each other’s eyes. With everyone all busy preparing for the grand trials over the recent period and Yan Ning Luo having just come out from seclusion cultivation training, this was the first time that the two of them saw each other in the past few months.

    Yan Ning Luo’s eyes darted away, and did not communicate with Xuanyuan Che much.

    The petite sized girl on the left with a pretty and graceful looking face looked to be about the same age as Yan Ning Luo and was also from a noble family. Her name was just as gentle and poetic as her person, called Jiang Yi Han.

    The tall and slim figured one on the right was called Shen Jing, righteous and valiant looking but still exuded a certain gentle beauty. Her personality seemed to be easy and carefree, a kind of uninhibited candid nature more becoming for a lady of the pugilist world. She looked at the group of people a short distance away and she bumped her shoulder against Yan Ning Luo. “That Xuanyuan Che, you really called off your engagement with him?”

    “Mm.” Yan Ning Luo replied.