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Chapter 119.3 - Grand Trials

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 119.3: Grand Trials

    “I heard that he is the Crown Prince of a kingdom, from high aristocracy and possesses strong power. He’s also ranked seventh in the sect’s inner circle, above your own rank. Don’t you like strong people like that? Are you only interested in those in the top five ranks?” Shen Jing asked with amusement.

    Yan Ning Luo responded differently. “It’s just that our personalities cannot get along and he is just as dissatisfied with the engagement as I am, so calling it off is good for both parties.”

    Shen Jing shook her head. “I really do not understand what both of you are thinking.”

    Which among these two people wouldn’t be considered a dragon or phoenix among men out throughout the lands but their stubborn personalities were such that they refused to submit to each other in the slightest, neither willing to lower their heads which caused them to split apart like this, which many thought to be such a great pity.

    The Faint Mist Sect’s disciples continued to stream in and soon they have all arrived, with a great number of them all standing in a ring around the massive arena. Adding all the inner and outer Faint Mist Sect disciples together, they would number as many as five or six hundred, so not all of them had come here.

    Before the trials were held, the sect had already gone through a round of preliminary filtration internally and because a group of external savages would be coming to challenge them, the winners of this grand trials would have to stand against the enemy.

    Once news of that was released, many people had felt their blood boil and they all became eager to teach the enemy a good lesson. But after they came to know that the savages coming were the brutal and ferocious Crimson Land’s Eight Demons who killed people without mercy, a good number of them were immediately overcome with terror.

    One of the disciples standing guard that day who was rescued somehow ran out accidentally in a mad run, mindlessly screaming incessantly as he covered his head with his arms: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…..”, which inflicted a greater amount of pressure on everyone.

    So choosing to give up might just allow them to still have a chance to live as if they were really pitted against the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons, they would not even die with their bodies intact. Who would dare to take such a risk?

    In an instant, the number of people who chose to give up on the trials grew to as many as two hundred people. Towards such cowardly action, the Faint Mist Sect immediately wiped their memories and threw them out of the sect, and they were to never set foot into the sect ever again. For them to lose all memory that pertained to their time in the Faint Mist Sect, that was seen to be a very cruel punishment.

    On the foremost row of seats, the five Elders had already arrived and were seated, but the top five ranked disciples who were supposed to be the people in charge of the trials were no where to be seen.

    There were already some disciples starting to mutter in soft whispers in the crowd. “Those guys in the top five are really as haughty and arrogant as they have always been. They are putting on such airs thinking they are greater than the Elders themselves.”

    “It isn’t just a day or two that they have been like this. Aren’t you used to it yet?” Another person quipped.