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Chapter 119.4 - Grand Trials

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 119.4: Grand Trials

    “I have been here in the Faint Mist Sect for three years and I have never seen them show up before. The rumours about them are almost legendary and they might very well be only just that, rumours.”

    “Isn’t it said that Su Li Mo will come this time? As least one of them will appear here today right?”

    The Elders glanced at each other before their gazes all turned to look upon the youngest man among them in the middle.

    In comparison to the few of them who were Elders with wizened faces with their white beards and hair, the young man among them looked to be only about thirty years of age, his face elegant and calm, seeming possessing a kind of steady wisdom that belied his age.

    But besides the Sect Leader and the twelve Elders, few knew that this man was not only a high level pugilist, but also a clairvoyant who was able to augur blessings and calamities.

    “Elder Yan, I think those few won’t be coming. Why not we begin first? Otherwise, when the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons come, we will not be able to hold the trials at all.” A middle aged man at the side said sternly.

    Elder Yan was deep in thought for a moment before he lifted his head up to say: “Then let’s start!”

    The duels for the inner disciples were all arranged in the later matches and the outer disciples would fight in the initial duels, where fifty would advance from a hundred. The arena was enormous and twenty matches could be held at one time, so they would be able to see some results very quickly.

    The day for the recruitment of new disciples was about to arrive and if they wanted to remain here and not get kicked out they would have to give this trials everything they have, and not be soft hearted to give any consideration to their sense of friendship and fellowship. It was probably because their desire to stay was so strong that they actually discovered that there were some disciples among the outer circle who possessed quite good skills.

    “I heard that all the previous internal grand trials were held within the sect premises so it makes me wonder why it is held here in this place this time.” An gently handsome looking youth in a royal blue brocade robe said in a low voice.

    This person, was Qing Bei who had just reached after coming out from the boggy marsh. He had accidentally stepped into several bog pits on his way in but his quick reactions had enabled him to dodge them jumping onto safe ground, so he was still relatively clean.

    Qing Yu came walking over from the side and she said softly: “I heard that it’s because several people with maniacal skills issued a challenge to the Faint Mist Sect and they had no choice but to do it this in order to prevent that gang of people from going into the sect grounds. They were called the….. Crimson Land’s Eight Demons? Yup, that’s what they’re called.”

    “Where did you hear that from?” Qing Bei asked in bewilderment.

    Qing Yu then signalled with her chin and said: “Those few female disciples were discussing it and I went over there to ask, they told me about it.”

    Qing Bei followed her gaze to look, and saw several hot and eager eyes peering their way with intense interest and passion.

    “…..” This girl here is using her sex appeal to go gather information again!