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Chapter 120.4 - The Faint Mist Sect’s Insider Secrets

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 120.4: The Faint Mist Sect’s Insider Secrets

    The twentieth ranked against the tenth. Isn’t the result already clear to see? It would definitely be a one sided and bloody abuse.

    Jin Ze Hao gave Rong Yi a bitter smile and then stepped up onto the stage, accepting his fate, before he turned to look at Lian Shao Jie who was looking highly relaxed in contrast. The internal trials had always only looked at who won and who lost, never involving things like brotherhood or friendship. Hence, though there wasn’t any enmity between the two of them, Lian Shao Jie was not about to show any mercy.

    The moment he stepped up onto the stage, a fiery red light flared out from his body, to the extent that those closer to the stage could see that there were tiny flames burning over his skin. The scorching heat from the burning fire did not hurt him in the slightest and it could be seen with just one look that he was an expert who had cultivated his fire element to its peak, controlling the flames with great ease.

    Lian Shao Jie’s martial arts was just like his personality, wild and unyielding, highly domineering. He threw out punches with both his fists, and the flames formed into two ferocious tigers that leapt straight towards Jin Ze Hao, their jaws wide open as they sought to tear him to shreds.

    Seeing that Jin Ze Hao quickly formed a seal with his hands and a large blue barrier formed up before him, to ward off the tigers’ ferocious attack. But the barrier he put up was shattered by the force from the ferocious tigers.

    “Whoa! Lian Shao Jie is really strong! When those two tigers pounced just now, I almost thought that Jin Ze Hao would be bitten to death by them. They looked so lifelike and who would have thought that they were formed from Lian Shao Jie’s powers?”

    “Jin Ze Hao is doing too badly as well. With that big a difference in their powers, he was actually able to dodge Lian Shao Jie’s attack. It looks like he is made of rather stern stuff as well.”

    “As expected, the matches between the top twenty are so much more interesting. What a farce all those fights before had turned out to be, it really sullied my eyes watched them.”

    “You couldn’t be more right about that!”

    Voices raised in debate ensued below the arena stage and Qing Yu looked at the scene with her brows furrowed together before she shook her head as she said: “Too slow.”

    “What is too slow? Are you saying that the defensive actions were too slow?” Qing Bei asked when he heard his sister’s voice and then continued on to say: “Their cultivation levels differ by just too much and that should not be anything to be surprised about.”

    “The speed of the attack was too slow.” Qing Yu said slowly. “Although his grasp of the fire element is rather good, but he is still lacking a little in the control of the heat. He possesses just brute strength but isn’t flexible enough to implement it into his martial arts, otherwise, it would have been impossible for his opponent to avoid that strike just now, and be severely wounded.”

    The black robed man standing a short distance away from them had been paying close attention to these two young tykes and upon hearing that incisive appraisal, his eyes shone even brighter.

    His curiosity got the better of him and he could not help but to open his mouth and ask: “Hey, young one. You have quite a sharp pair of eyes there. It looks like you are actually an expert hiding a lot more skills than you reveal.”

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