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Chapter 121.2 - Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 121.2: Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

    It could be seen that he was being quite persistent.

    And smart as he was, he was naturally able to see that between these two runts, the devil’s spawn with looks that attracts people to him like bees to honey was the decision maker and the other gentle and handsome looking youth would just subconsciously follow suit, that much was clear to see.

    When his words came out this time, the other party did not reject him this time but agreed to it with a smile. This suddenly made him start to think whether the young lad had been toying with all along!

    Although Qing Bei did not really understand why Qing Yu would agree to be friends with the man so easily all of a sudden, but knowing that she always had a reason for every action she took, he did not raise any objection to it.

    The duel on the arena stage was still going on and although Jin Ze Hao was seemingly not a match for his opponent, he still had not given up and was still struggling valiantly. If he were to give up just like that, then his father as one of the sect’s twelve Elders would lose face and so he would definitely not admit defeat.

    Although Lian Shao Jie was filled with admiration for Jin Ze Hao’s tenacity, they were however standing in an arena. So he was not about to pull his punches but was going all out, seeking to send Jin Ze Hao flying out over the stage with a powerful strike, that would then determine the outcome of the battle.

    But just as he gathered up all the spirit energy in his body, the colour of his face suddenly changed, and his entire person just froze there on the stage.

    That highly brilliant red flames over his body seemed to darken in an instant, to slowly turn into a dark maroon shade, a colour that was like scab after blood had clotted and congealed. And upon Lian Shao Jie’s face that originally shone with a healthy pallor that shone with the colour of wheat, it had suddenly turned a dark red as well.

    “What is wrong with Lian Shao Jie? He does not look alright to me!”

    “Why am I feeling that his aura seems to be very chaotic, has his spirit energies fallen into the way of devilry?”

    “Look! Even the colour of his face has changed! Has he been secretly practicing some devilish skills! ?”

    Everyone in the surrounding crowd started debating furiously and even the faces of a few Elders immediately changed. The way Lian Shao Jie looked really seemed like he had fallen into the way of the devil from practising some devilish skill!

    Jin Ze Hao had been fully prepared to lose the duel and he had not expected that such a thing would suddenly occur. It was clear to see that Lian Shao Jie aura right at that moment had weakened by quite a bit and if Jin Ze Hao were to strike right at that instant, he would definitely stand quite a good chance, where he might even be able to turn the situation around completely to snatch a win.

    But to strike a person when he’s down was not a course of action befitting of a gentleman.

    Jin Ze Hao furrowed up his brows and he was feeling highly conflicted for a moment. Just as he was at a loss, his body suddenly started to move on its own accord which struck a vicious palm strike right onto Lian Shao Jie’s chest. The power of that strike was tens of times stronger than any of the attacks he had previously executed.

    It was as if Lian Shao Jie had been frozen in his spot and he did not put up any resistance at all. That tall figure then flew like a kite with a broken string a few meters over the arena platform where he then vomited out a mouthful of blood, his face immediately turning pale.