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Chapter 121.3 - Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 121.3: Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

    And from what everyone else was seeing, Jin Ze Hao did not only fail to stop himself, he even stretched his hand out to grab Lian Shao Jie to pull him back onto the platform, and mercilessly slammed him down onto the ground, with so much power that Lian Shao Jie almost broke his rib.

    Terror filled Jin Ze Hao’s eyes. He had absolutely no idea what was happening at all. He could not control his body at all and it still had not ceased its brutal actions, which was striking at Lian Shao Jie till he vomited out blood repeatedly.

    “When did Jin Ze Hao become so strong! ?”

    “Isn’t he going way overboard? Even if Lian Shao Jie had practiced some unorthodox skill, the guy is already incapable of any resistance. Why is Jin Ze Hao so viciously cruel? He has already almost beaten Lian Shao Jie to an inch of his life left!”

    “You’re right, could there be any private grievance between the two of them?”

    Jin Ze Hao was not aware of how everyone else saw what was happening in the arena. He only knew that he was unable to stop himself in the slightest. The maniacal bloodthirstiness in his heart merely grew more intense as Lian Shao Jie grew weaker by the second. He yearned to be able to stop, but it felt as if he was a puppet on strings, under the control of others as his strikes grew heavier and heavier.

    “Stop! Just stop already! I do not want to do this! I do not want this!” Jin Ze Hao’s eyes turned bloodshot as he screamed out inside his heart in futility. He discovered that he was unable to utter a single word at that moment.

    But those words screamed in his mind, an incredibly evil and sinister laughter sounded within his consciousness. The sound reverberated in his eardrums, which caused his ears to ring with a drowning buzz.

    “What are you afraid of? I am helping you here. So what if this person is stronger than you? I am letting you inflict insufferable torment upon him now. How is it? Isn’t it exciting? Just strike harder and you can kill him with your own two hands!”

    “You fiendish demon, who are you! ?” Jin Ze Hao roared in rage. “You just want us to kill each other in order to satisfy your twisted sense of pleasure! You’re just an absolute maniac!”

    “Hahahahaha! You’re quite an interesting little lad. Aren’t the Eight Demons of the easternmost edge the very epitome of brutal and vicious maniacs?”

    Jin Ze Hao’s eyes flared wide open in shock. [The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons!]

    [When did they arrive here? Maybe right at this very moment, they are….. Where are they! ? Why isn’t anyone aware of it at all?]

    “Jin Ze Hao! Have you lost your mind! ? You had better stop right this instant!” Elder Jin shouted in infuriated rage as he stood up and rushed towards the arena platform.

    He had initially been worried that the kid would lose to Lian Shao Jie too badly and he would be embarrassed but in the end, Jin Ze Hao had not only turned the tables but had even decimated his opponent in a one sided brutal beating.

    Elder Jin was more worried about Lian Shao Jie at that moment as he looked like he was really almost barely breathing and he would die if this continued on. But he really could not understand it. The brat Jin Ze Hao had always seemed to be a slightly timid person, what could have come over him today to become so mercilessly vicious and brutal?