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Chapter 121.4 - Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 121.4: Evil Mastermind Behind the Scenes

    A barrier had been set around the arena platform and as long as neither one party admits defeat, even the Elders present would not be able to stop the match.

    So Elder Jin could only shout out in a panic: “Lian Shao Jie! Just admit defeat! This is a totally unexpected turn of events that happened today and I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer for it. This match will not count so just concede now to get yourself treated!”

    Lian Shao Jie was the Martial Kingdom’s Right Wing General’s only son and if he came to meet with any accident here in the Faint Mist Sect, wouldn’t the Martial Kingdom immediately mobilize their army to come flatten the Faint Mist Sect’s mountain?

    But little did he know that Lian Shao Jie wasn’t refusing to concede, but he was not able to admit defeat at all.

    He was not able to move his body an inch, unable to block off the attack, but to just submit his body to suffer Jin Ze Hao’s powerful strikes that hammered wave after wave down on him, with pain wrecking every single bone in his body.

    “Jin Ze Hao! Are you hearing a single word of what I have said? If you have any grievance to take up with him, settle it right and proper another day! If you continue to wound your opponent so maliciously, I will disqualify you from the trials completely!”

    Elder Jin was fuming mad as his eyes flared wide with rage, however the person up on the stage ignored him completely.

    “Something’s not right.” Rong Yi suddenly creased up his brows and said. “Lian Shao Jie and Jin Ze Hao look like they are being controlled.”

    “Rong Yi, why would you think that?” The person who asked this was the youngest among the Elders in the sect, Elder Yan.

    Rong Yi then answered in a low voice: “Lian Shao Jie’s powers have always been so much stronger than Jin Ze Hao’s and even if Jin Ze Hao had consumed some forbidden drug, his powers still wouldn’t increase exponentially to a level that would allow him to completely thrash Lian Shao Jie like this. Moreover, Lian Shao Jie looks as if his cultivation has been sealed and is completely defenceless, being bashed up by Jin Ze Hao like he’s been tied up.”

    Like the Faint Mist Sect’s young sect leader, Elder Yan trusted Rong Yi and he went on to ask softly when he heard that: “You mean…..”

    Rong Yi’s eyes darkened and his body moved in a flash that was too quick for the eye to see up onto the arena stage. His palm struck quickly towards Jin Ze Hao while his other hand moved faster than you can cover your ears after a lightning strike to bring Lian Shao Jie off the platform.

    The entire sequence of events happened within just a breath’s time.

    Everyone thought that their eyes was playing a trick on them. Not to mention just all the others, even the five Elders were staring with wide eyed surprise.

    [That kid Rong Yi….. possesses such terrifying power?]

    [That isolation barrier that took the combined strength of five Elders to put up….. He had actually gone in and came out like it was nothing to him at all!]

    [And he is ranked twenty first? How are the rankings even determined! ?]

    The instant that Lian Shao Jie was brought off the arena stage, the pain he felt from his injuries seem to magnify by several times, the excruciating and heart rending pain causing him to scream out as blood trickled out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.