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Chapter 122.1 - Despicable Sneak Attack

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 122.1: Despicable Sneak Attack

    Rong Yi’s gaze flashed with a sharp glint and his face sank. “Elder Jin. Come look! Quick!”

    Elder Jin was one of the very few Elixir Cultivators among the twelve Elders and he was also a teacher who taught Elixir Cultivation in the sect.

    Hearing that he immediately rushed over to take a look, immediately sealing several of Lian Shao Jie’s major acupoints to stem the incessant bleeding in many places on the disciple’s body. But the bleeding had only stopped for a few short breaths’ time when Lian Shao Jie’s chest started to swell up, his entire body looking as if it was being pumped with air, seeming like he was going to die when his body explodes in the very next moment.

    Rong Yi’s eyes widened. The current state of Lian Shao Jie’s body was exactly like how the disciples guarding the sect entrance had died back then. He had not thought that the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons would be so treacherous and deceitful to hold the lives of two inner disciples who possessed profound cultivation powers in their hands before they had even showed themselves!

    “Hold him upside down.”

    Right in that instant of imminent peril, a voice sounded just beside his ears. Although soft, it was impossible to miss.

    Rong Yi was startled a moment and he subconsciously went ahead to do as the voice told him, grabbing at Lian Shao Jie’s ankle to turn him upside down. The voice then sounded again: “At the spot three inches below his chest, strike it with all your spirit power.”

    Hearing those words, Rong Yi could not help but crease up his brows. With his level of cultivation, not to mention using all his spirit power, Lian Shao Jie would not be able to even withstand half of it. Striking him with all his power will definitely rupture his internal organs.

    [Is this voice trying to help him or harm him?]

    “Delay any further and even the Golden Deity of the Highest Heaven will not be able to save him.”

    Upon hearing that, Rong Yi no longer hesitated and his eyes glinted sharply. With powerful spirit energy gathered in his palm, he struck his palm right onto the spot.

    “Rong Yi! Stop!”

    “Rong Yi! What are you doing?”

    Elder Jin was nearest to him and when he saw that, he quickly stretched his hand out to stop Rong Yi. Unfortunately Rong Yi moved too fast and he was too late, unable to do anything but watch the strike land, a palm strike that was powerful enough to smash Lian Shao Jie into pulp.

    The very next second, everyone was stunned as they stared with unblinking wide eyes.

    “What is that?”

    Lian Shao Jie was hanging upside down as the flow of his blood went in a reverse direction, his face turned a greenish purple. After he was struck by Rong Yi, he did not die by having all his internal organs and meridians rupture and explode, but had instead opened his mouth wide to gag and vomit out a red unidentifiable ball wrapped in blood.

    Most of the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples were young and they did not know what it was, but there were some among them who had seen more of the world and were able to recognize what that thing was. A raucous clamour immediately broke out in an instant.

    “The eastern edge’s Blazing Blood Spider.” The black robed man slowly spat those few words out from his mouth.

    “The easiest time for them to slip inside a person’s body is usually when a pugilist summons up their spirit power. They are reared being constantly fed with venomous creatures over many years, and the toxicity of their venom is lethal enough to completely clot the blood in the body of a large sized adult in merely a cup of tea’s time, resulting in death when their meridians and blood vessels rupture.”

    “You seem to know quite a lot.” Qing Bei raised his eyes up to look at the man and say.