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Chapter 122.2 - Despicable Sneak Attack

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 122.2: Despicable Sneak Attack

    “It’s nothing, having traversed the pugilist world for so many years, I’ve come to know a little of everything. Our little brother here knows quite a bit yourself. That inside information about the Faint Mist Sect is something that many of the inner circle’s disciples do not know anything about.” The black robed man said with a grin that showed his teeth, looking rather dashing as his eyes glimmered with a wise and crafty glint.

    Qing Bei knitted up his brows and asked: “Who are you really?”

    The black robed man was just about to say something when he suddenly heard someone in the crowd cry out in terror: “Everyone look! Look up there!”


    The sky that had been a clear blue like it had been just washed had suddenly turned dark and ominous, where it looked like something was flying in a dense flock towards them from afar, the tiny black dots gradually growing bigger.

    The speed of those things were really fast and they were already right before their eyes in a blink. The creatures had sharp mouths and they looked highly malevolent. Large in size with a pair of strong hard wings that spanned more than a meter long, casting large shadows as they descended, blocking out the sky.

    “These are blood sucking bats!”

    Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed and she immediately cautioned: “Little Bei, do not let the bats touch your body.”

    “Got it.” Qing Bei nodded his head and answered.

    The black robed man came over closer to them when he saw that and his face was excited as he asked: “Are you going to make your move? I just knew that there is a lot more in you than you are showing…..”

    Before he could even finish his words, something sharp brushed his face as it flew past, and a pitiful cry then sounded beside him. He turned to see a stout looking bat fallen at his feet with its body still in a diving position, realizing that its sharp mouth would have pierced his back.

    The man’s body stiffened and he saw that two thin needles were stuck in the bat’s red eyes which burst into flames in the next instant, burning up the creature completely.

    “What kind of a technique is that? It’s so amazing!”

    Qing Yu threw him an expressionless glance and said: “Continue to be so distracted and I will not save you again.”

    “…..” [So heartless.]

    The large cloud of bats swooped down to deliver vicious slaughter and quite a number of disciples who were caught off guard died under their jaws.

    And on this side, Rong Yi and Elder Jin had their hands tied and were unable to leave. They had about three or four inner disciples guarding them and Lian Shao Jie looked like his condition was in a very bad state. Although they were doing everything they could to suppress his blood vessels that were threatening to rupture, but the method of forcibly containing them could only be a temporary measure.

    “The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons are just too despicable! To think that they would use such underhanded means!” Rong Yi said through tightly clenched teeth, his eyes searching through the surroundings in a circle. He still did not know where they were hiding and having them all exposed in the light while the enemy hid in the darkness would be highly disadvantageous to them.

    He had thought that since the group of them had left so cooperatively after reasoning with them, they would at least have some righteousness in them. He had been too careless! How could he have forgotten the infamy and notoriety that came with that name, the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons! ?