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Chapter 122.3 - Despicable Sneak Attack

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 122.3: Despicable Sneak Attack

    Although there were many people there, but the blood sucking bats was just too great in numbers and they were really hard to kill, so many people gradually started to grow tired. Except for the inner disciples who were able to barely handle themselves, many of the disciples from the outer circle were already dead or wounded.

    “Tsk tsk tsk. How dull….. Is that all that the Great Mist Sect is capable of? Just a simple appetizer served and you’re all already unable to handle it, truly undeserving of your reputation. And I have not even yet raised my hand!”

    It was not known what kind of a perfect hiding place they were in that enabled them to remain unseen by everyone.

    The person who spoke was tall and slim as he leaned lazily against a tree, his strange pair of eyes that were like a snake’s looking highly bored.

    Another man with an unidentifiable species of bird tattooed on his face then narrowed his eyes and said softly: “Among them, there are still a few highly skilled ones,”

    “Where?” The snake eyed man asked quizzically.

    Following the direction the man was pointing at, the first person he saw was a black robed man.

    The figure of the man was weaving nimbly among the blood sucking bats attacking him simultaneously, seemingly effortlessly as he held a rather old looking sword in his right hand that was still kept in its sheath.

    The force from a palm strike broke the wings of several bats and with a wave of the unsheathed sword, robust energy burst out in an arc that drove back many of the bats surrounding him. All those creatures had not managed to hurt him at all, unable to even touch a corner of his clothes.

    It was clear to see that none of all these posed a threat to him.

    The eyes of the snake eyed man lit up. This man was obviously a skilled swordsman and it would be a shame to not see him unsheath that sword. He must definitely test that man’s skills later.

    And not too far away from that black robed man, a rather thin white robed youth was even more interesting to see.

    All those blood sucking bats were….. not attacking him?

    That was such an amazing sight to behold. Everytime any bats came close to that youth, they would suddenly steer themselves far away from the youth on their own accord, looking like they were fearful of something.

    But the “youth” was not bothered by that strange phenomenon at all. Once any of the creatures came within a meter of “him”, the golden needles at “his” fingertips would be thrown out at blinding speed, and the blood sucking bats struck by them would spontaneously ignite into flames, turning into ash in just a few breaths.

    “What kind of sorcery is that?” The snake eyed man asked with shock widened eyes, seemingly becoming more excited than he was when he saw the black robed man earlier.

    Standing at the back, a tall and thin man with many kinds of flowery bugs tattooed on his face rubbed his chin and then said in a affirmative tone: “That person must be an Elixir Cultivator of significant grade. Moreover….. he knows how to counter the blood sucking bats. On those golden needles, there is poison that is stronger than that inside the bodies of the blood sucking bats, and when the two toxins meet, it causes spontaneous combustion. That’s some great power there!”