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Chapter 122.4 - Despicable Sneak Attack

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 122.4: Despicable Sneak Attack

    “He’s really that good?” The other few people beside him then asked.

    Each and every single one of them possess unmatchable skills and they have roamed the pugilist world for many years, never having met a person who was able to counter them like this. That was what made them grow more wildly arrogant and this was the first time that they had come across someone who could counter their strange powers like that.

    Hearing that, the man with bugs tattooed on his face then raised an eyebrow. “Would I lie to all of you? Don’t forget that I am also an Elixir Cultivator.”

    [Mm. Although more like a witch doctor who specializes in poison, but no matter what, that has got to be considered to be linked to being an Elixir Cultivator in some way right! ?]

    As that thought ran through his mind, a glint flashed in his eyes. “That kid is rather interesting. Wait till we annihilate all the rabble from the Faint Mist Sect, I will then bring him back with us to study him deeply.”

    “Elder Yan, what should we do? Lian Shao Jie is growing weaker and weaker.” Elder Jin’s brows were so tightly knitted up it could crush a fly.

    Elder Yan had come over beside them after he drove back a great bunch of those blood sucking bats. After he stretched his hand out to feel Lian Shao Jie’s breathing, his face showed a rare moment of sterness.

    “The Blazing Blood Spider has damaged his internal organs too severely and his blood in flowing in a reverse direction inside. We need to combine the powers of two high grade Elixir Cultivators to help him soothe the chaotic state of his meridians. But…..”

    He stopped before he had even finished the words he meant to say. For no other reason than the fact that besides Elder Jin here, there was no need to even talk about high grade Elixir Cultivators. It would be hard to even find a single legitimate Elixir Cultivator among everyone here

    But he had cast a divination for Lian Shao Jie before this and it had clearly foretold that he would live a long life, not destined to die here today.

    “This is an Blood Boosting Elixir. Have him take this first!”

    Because the few of them were all crouched down squatting on the ground, they all could only see the spotless and completely unspoiled white sleeve of the person before their eyes.

    Raising up their heads, the white robed youth’s countenance could not be seen all that clearly against the light behind him but his exquisite facial features were still so beautiful that it made them hold their breaths at the sight. Especially the mesmerizingly beautiful phoenix like eyes that were sparkling with a smile, so unbelievably enchanting. It was a kind of beauty that transcended the standards between male and female, of indeterminable gender.

    Even an old man like Elder Jin who had lived passed half his life could not help but be dazzled on this rare occasion.

    After being stunned for a short moment, Rong Yi quickly snapped back to his senses. But his attention was focused more on the youth’s voice, clear and soothing, exactly like the voice of the person who had spoken to him telepathically earlier.

    He stood up instinctively and clasped his hand over his fist before he said: “Thank you for the Young Master’s words that helped me just now.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised that the man was so astute. She then laughed softly and replied: “It was no trouble. Nothing to it. Feed this to him and his meridians will not surge so strongly anymore.”

    The faces of Elder Jin and Elder Yan were looking highly confused, not knowing what kind of charades those two people were playing.