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Chapter 123.1 - Resolving the Crisis

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 123.1: Resolving the Crisis

    Hearing that, Rong Yi took the porcelain bottle from the youth’s hand and he accidentally touched the youth’s fingers. They were cold, unlike any normal person’s temperature.

    Towards that, he was slightly startled but he did not think too much into it.

    After Lian Shao Jie took the elixir, his condition stabilized and the greenish purple pallor of his face was soothed quite a bit.

    Elder Jin was incredulous when he saw that and he got up with his face in shock to stare at the unbelievably beautiful looking youth. “This young master here, where did you get this elixir from? It has such miraculous effects!”

    It was clear to see that Elder Jin did not think anything of the situation but that the youth must have had a fortuitous encounter that gave him possession of that elixir as the youth looked to be merely in his teens, and there wasn’t much room for him to think otherwise.

    Qing Yu curled up his ends of her lips to reveal a stunning smile and with a soft gentle voice, she said: “Against my humble ineptitude, I am a Elixir Cultivator myself.”

    Hearing that Elder Jin’s eyes flared wide, round as saucers, stunned into immobility for an instant. But he quickly recovered and asked: “What a young and promising young master! I wonder where you are receiving tutelage? I would assume that this elixir must have come out from under your Master’s hands!”

    He was eager to get an answer as he really just could not believe that the youth could possibly be that capable.

    But alas, he was set to be disappointed.

    “From no sect nor clan, but has been interested in Medicine since a young age, so I have come to know a thing or two about it.” Qing Yu said with great humility.

    “Then I wonder….. Would you be interested in the Faint Mist Sect at all?”

    The moment those words came out, not only Elder Yan was stunned, but even Rong Yi was a little startled as well.

    Among the Faint Mist Sect’s twelve Elders, Elder Jin could be said to be the one with the most explosive temperament, his standards the loftiest, where even his own son was deemed not good enough to catch his attention. Throughout the entire sect, only the top five were able to see a more amicable side of him.

    It was not because he was proud and arrogant. Elder Jin was not only an Elixir Cultivator, but he also held the badge of approval as an outstanding Elixir Cultivator from the Elixir Cultivator Guild in the White Fen Lands, so he definitely had the right to be so haughty. Although Rong Yi always squabbled with him all the time, but deep down inside, he greatly respected this elderly senior of his.

    To think this youth that he was meeting for the first time could actually immediately catch his attention, that was really such a rare sight to see.

    The sudden invitation extended to her cause Qing Yu to arch up an eyebrow. Her voice was slightly amused as she came to respond after a moment’s thought. “To be honest to the senior, I had initially been very interested in the Faint Mist Sect. But after what I saw here today, the Faint Mist Sect’s standards….. seem to differ too much against what I have heard about.”

    Those words were put across with great tact, but they also expressed what she meant to say very clearly.

    Elder Jin laughed out loudly. “Of course the standard of the Faint Mist Sect is much more than what you have seen. To tell you the truth, most of the Faint Mist Sect’s most skilled experts are outside undertaking rigorous training. Hence the purpose of this grand trials we are holding is to eliminate the disciples with weak powers among us on one hand, and as you can see for yourself, it is to deal with the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons who have come with unfriendly intentions.”