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Chapter 123.2 - Resolving the Crisis

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 123.2: Resolving the Crisis

    Qing Yu’s gaze flashed with a glint before she then asked tartly: “Does that mean the ranks of the highly skilled disciples on the chart….. are arranged anyway you please?”

    “You can’t say that the rankings are ordered as we like. It’s just that quite a number of our disciples have rather odd and eccentric personalities and they are not really all that interested towards the ranking, so many of them did not take part in the trials. Hence, besides the top five whose powers truly befit their ranks, most of the positions below that have been more or less diluted somewhat.”

    The gentle and elegant looking Elder Yan had joined in to say with a laugh, and his gaze had inadvertently turned to glance at Rong Yi, one of such “odd and eccentric” disciples.

    Rong Yi was helplessly speechless. “…..”

    Qing Yu nodded in understanding. It was just as what Qing Bei had said earlier. The Faint Mist Sect was really purging out bad blood.

    The bunch of them were here chatting as disciples on another side were almost about to vomit out blood from killing so many blood sucking bats but their numbers did not seem to be reducing in the least at all, but were instead attacking more and more ferociously. Even the disciples in the top twenty ranks were finding it a little taxing and they were starting to show some signs of exhaustion.

    Yan Ning Luo had been scratched by the bats in a moment of carelessness but fortunately, there wasn’t any poison on their claws or the result might be unthinkable.

    Hidden within the darkness the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons watched the wretched state a group of people had fallen into and their faces twisted up evilly, gloating at the disciples’ misery. The eyes of the snake eyed man then flashed, and several bright and colourful snakes immediately appeared around him, that leapt into the already chaotic fray, seeking to torment the disciples good and proper.

    “Argh~ Snakes!”

    “Watch out! These snakes are poisonous!”

    Before they had come into the Lost Fog, because he was afraid that he would encounter rodents and snakes, someone brought sulphur. When he saw the snakes, he quickly took out the sulphur and threw it at them. Snakes fear sulphur the most and they would undoubtedly die.

    But he was too naive. Not only did those snakes not die when the sulphur touched them, they became even more excited.

    A red light shone from within their tiny inverted triangle eyes and the snake bit on that person’s ankle, the venom immediately flowing through its fangs straight into the person’s body. The tall figure started twitching violently in spasms quickly thereafter, starting to foam at his mouth before he fell over and stopped breathing completely.

    “Tsk, moron.” The snake eyed man laughed mockingly. “The little babies of mine have been eating sulphur from young and they love sulphur the most.”

    Snakes are born cold blooded and vicious and people just have an irrational fear towards them. Many people were thrown into a helpless panic upon seeing the thousands and thousands of snakes, more terrified than they were when they saw the blood sucking bats. And just at that moment, the mellifluous sound of a flute wafted slowly over from a far off distance, at times soothing, at times fevered, a powerful oppressive power imbued within, tinged with wintry cold murder.