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Chapter 123.3 - Resolving the Crisis

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 123.3: Resolving the Crisis

    All the violent and ruthless blood sucking bats and the venomous snakes froze in an instant and they actually paused in their slaughter to sway to the melody of the flute, intoxicated by the music, unable to extricate themselves.

    “What?” The face of the snake eyed man darkened. “Why is this happening?”

    [The creatures are no longer in control!]

    The sound of the flute continued to play, calm and unhurried, a hauntingly enchanting tune that flowed through one’s heart like a soothing spring brook, relaxing one’s heart completely. It worked on the bats and snakes as well, intoxicated and caught completely under its spell.

    “What a powerful sound attack.” Qing Yu said suddenly. “Bats and snakes are creatures with an acute sense of hearing. If one seeks to control such creatures, that is indeed the best way to do it.”

    Rong Yi’s expression looked slightly taken aback before he turned towards Elder Yan. “Have they come back?”

    Elder Yan thought about it a moment. “There aren’t that many pugilist skilled in sound attacks in the Constellation Continent. That is probably the case.”

    After a few short bars of that relaxing and soothing melody, the mellifluous flute suddenly altered its tempo, becoming urgent and oppressive, filled with darkness and sin, a blood filled murderous requiem that wrecked pure agony upon the creatures who heard it. The ones who were weaker in resistance immediately wrapped their arms around their heads as they howled in pain, many of them even banging their heads hard on the ground, completely unaware of anything even when bright red blood flowed down their faces, seeking only to drive out through masochistic means, that intensely overwhelming oppression that tore at their hearts.

    Countless blood sucking bats cried out in an agonized screech, the powerful sound waves hurting everyone’s eardrums while the highly colourful snakes hissed endlessly before everything happened in the very next instant.

    “Boom boom boom!”

    “Bam blam boom!”

    Accompanying the ongoing sound of the playing flute, loud explosions with flying splatters of blood and flesh joined in, coming together to form into an enchanting symphony.

    All the disciples who had been lucky enough to have survived stood frozen in their spots in a foolish daze, not knowing what had happened.

    “My babies!” The snaked eyed man cried out in rage as his eyes turned red, looking like he was going to charge right out to fight the enemy with his very life.

    The man was a scorpion tattoo on his face standing behind him then pulled him back, indicating that he should not lose his cool.

    The scene before their eyes was something that they had not thought they would ever see.

    Even with several hundred of their disciples fighting for more than two hours had not done any good! Why have all the creatures suddenly died after hearing the sound of the playing flute? And it had happened completely without any warning signs, unable to defend against it at all!

    Has a sage from somewhere come to help them?

    Qing Yu was also highly curious about this expert skilled in sound attacks but the sound of the flute had sounded like it came from a place very very far away. It was controlled over such a long distance? Then that was truly some incredible power.

    Just as everyone was stunned in bewilderment, a slim figure approached in the distance, slowly appearing before everyone’s eyes.

    Treading over the sea of bat and snake corpses, in a set of unspoiled green clothes, untainted by even a single drop of blood.