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Chapter 123.4 - Resolving the Crisis

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 123.4: Resolving the Crisis

    That person wore a wide bamboo hat over his head, the way he looked every inch a chivalrous pugilist of the martial world. First seen from a far distance of several hundred meters away, he then seemed to have closed the distance by a good bit in a blink, every single step he took covering a great distance. He had one hand behind his back, the other arm held horizontal across his waist, exquisite long slender fingers with clearly defined joints gripped around a verdant and lovely bamboo flute, his posture highly elegant, a suave young master whose beauty would stir the world.

    Everyone was trying to guess at his identity and even a few of the Elders were not sure who this person was.

    Suddenly, a loud and boisterous voice rang out, filled with rage and indignation. “Luo Lan Zhi? Didn’t you say that you do not have time to come back! ? You dare fool the great lord? !”

    Everyone just looked at each other with looks of utter bewilderment on their faces.

    “Who is Luo Lan Zhi?”

    “I don’t think I have ever heard of that name before.”

    “Which expert in the pugilist world is called by that name?”

    “If I am not wrong, the third ranked disciple of our Faint Mist Sect seems to be called Luo Lan Zhi…..”

    “Then the other person who just spoke is…..”

    When the green clothed man heard that voice, his steps came to a pause as he raised his hand to grip the edge of his bamboo hat to take it off. The stunning countenance then caused another round of surprised cries to break out.

    That person’s looks was exactly like his elegant demeanor, as gently exquisite as finest jade, his facial features refined and good looking. His eyes soft and serene, a captivating tear shaped mole at the edge of his right eye, so beautiful it was heartbreaking to see. The thin light pink lips were slightly parted, a soft warm smile hanging on them.

    “This is just too unfair….. How can a person with such great skills still have such good looks! ?” It was not known who among the people grumbled softly in complaint.

    The crowd then parted, and the person who shouted loudly was revealed.

    Dressed in an all black robe, his sword like brows striking, strong and handsome facial features and his right hand still gripping an ancient looking sword close to his body.

    Quite a number of people had noticed this person earlier, but as the scathing aura he exuded had been too intense, no one had dared to go close to him. So upon seeing him speak up now, many people immediately broke out into debate. [He is acquainted with Luo Lan Zhi?]

    “If I did not come, I fear even if everyone from the Faint Mist Sect were dead, you still might not have made a single move.” Luo Lan Zhi’s voice was mild, seemingly tinged with a hint of helplessness.

    As he said that, his feet had brought him over here. “To the several Elders here, it’s been quite some time. How are things in the sect recently?”

    Elder Mo, a white bearded old man then stroked his beard and sighed a long sigh. “You brat, it’s been longer than “quite some time”! The few of you have not come back to the sect for years! I had thought that all of you have forgotten to come back already!”

    “Elder Mo is being too harsh.” Luo Lan Zhi replied with a laugh, and his eyes then turned behind him. “Li Mo, aren’t you coming over to greet the Elders?”

    Everyone then turned their measuring gaze upon the black robed man.

    [Li Mo? Su Li Mo? ?]

    [The maniacal expert who first set the record of three hundred consecutive wins? !]

    [He had arrived here early and when all of them were in such a dangerous predicament just now, he had done absolutely nothing at all to help?]