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Chapter 124.2 - Pull Out the Sword and You Win

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 124.2: Pull Out the Sword and You Win

    It was not known who among them was unable to stifle his laughter and it elicited a chorus of soft laughter to break out.

    Luo Lan Zhi shook his head helplessly. [This fella here might be intolerably smug and arrogant, but he covers his shortcomings rather well. Although he doesn’t think much of all these disciples at all, but if they come to be bullied, he would not sit back and ignore it.]

    [It must be said, that he’s coyly adorable in this way.]

    The snake tattooed man recognized him. This was the skilled swordsman he had seen earlier. A strange sparkle shone in his eyes. “What use is it if talk is all you’re good for? Why don’t you and I battle it out a little? I would like to see whether your skill with the sword is as good as your glib tongue.”

    Hearing that, Su Li Mo raised an eyebrow looking rather amused. “You think you are good enough to have a taste of my sword skill? This great lord here has carried this sword for more than ten years and it has only been unsheathed two times. Are you sure this is worthy of it being unsheathed for the third time?”

    “It’s just an old battered sword and you can brag so well to make it sound so sinister.” The snake tattoo man said with an unimpressed expression, thinking nothing of it. That sword merely looks a little peculiar, a little worn out, but there’s nothing extraordinary about it.

    Su Li Mo burst out laughing. “Old battered sword? Then why don’t give it a try? If you are able to pull it out here today, you can do anything to all of us here as you deem fit. How about it?”

    “What?” Everyone cried out incredulously in shock.

    [Aren’t you being too careless and flippant with your words here? Do you realize what is really at stake! ?]

    [Is he really that confident that the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons will not be able to pull his sword out?]

    [And if they manage to pull it out, wouldn’t all of them be laying their lives here today? !]

    The faces of a few Elders immediately looked a little worried. Su Li Mo was highly eccentric and always does the unexpected against all reason. They were afraid that this fella’s decision made in the heat of the moment might send the entire Faint Mist Sect to its doom.

    Luo Lan Zhi smiled reassuringly and said in a soft voice: “There is no need for the Elders to be worried. Li Mo is not exaggerating. It is indeed true that no one else but him is able to pull that sword of his out from its sheath.”

    That sword hides profound mystery and it is not a weapon that anyone is be able to wield.

    Su Li Mo then extended the sword out towards the snake tattoo man who was looking at him in contempt.

    Qing Yu stood silently at the side in an inconspicuous place with the corners of her lips slightly raised, as she looked at the sword with interest. The entire sword was a dull dusty grey, looking like it had been buried in the ground for many years and was just dug up. Besides that, it did not look any different from any other sword.

    The snake tattoo man just took it as Su Li Mo was running his mouth off in boast when he heard those words and he responded in challenge: “If I am able to pull this sword out here today, not only will everyone here today have to die, you will have to kneel before me and strike your head three times loudly on the ground to kowtow to me. How’s that? Do you dare to take the bet?”