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Chapter 124.3 - Pull Out the Sword and You Win

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 124.3: Pull Out the Sword and You Win

    “What is there to fear? If you are able to pull it out, not to just mention kowtowing, I will even call you grandfather!” Su Li Mo looked completely fearless, seemingly highly confident of himself.

    The snake tattoo man smiled sneeringly and then gripped the sword’s hilt. The moment he touched the sword, he immediately felt that something did not feel right. Before he could even react, he immediately heard Su Li Mo’s voice in the very next instant: “Grip firmly now.”


    The moment the snake tattoo man had gripped the sword, the corners of Su Li Mo’s lips had shown a knowing smile. He then immediately released his hands from the sword, like he was giving the sword entirely to the snake tattoo man.

    Just as everyone was still feeling bewildered, they saw the face of the man change before his entire body lurched violently forward to fall flat onto the ground and let out a low groan.

    “Old Eighth, what happened to you?” The man with a scorpion tattoo on his face cried out in shock and ran forward to help his comrade up.

    It was only when he came up front that he discovered the snake tattoo man’s face had turned pale, his forehead beaded with cold sweat. The hand holding the sword was trapped on the ground as he squeezed out these few words through tightly clenched teeth. “This sword….. is too heavy!”

    Hearing that, the scorpion tattoo man creased up his brows and he gathered up a bit of strength to go pick up the sword on the ground. But against what he expected, that sword did not budge in the slightest.

    “You brat! You tricked us!”

    Su Li Mo arched up an eyebrow, his face innocent. “How did I trick you now? Didn’t we agree that you just have to pull the sword out? How can the well known Crimson Land’s Eight Demons be unable to even hold a sword up?”

    Everyone present turned to look at each other. [It looks like that sword is really not as simple as it looks! To think that those demons are not able to even hold it up?]

    The big brother among the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons was a man with a black wyvern tattooed on his face. He seemed to be the most steady and reserved one among them and possessed the greatest amount of power.

    He came walking slowly over and exerted some strength in his hand. His brows knitted up and he suddenly picked the sword up.

    “I wonder whether it will still count if I pull out the sword?”

    Afterall, it had been the snake tattoo man who made the bet earlier and not him, so he opened his mouth to ask.

    Everyone’s heart unconsciously constricted at that moment.

    Su Li Mo’s face was unchanged from before as he lifted his chin up to say: “It will naturally still count.”

    Hearing that, the man’s eyes darkened slightly and he held the sword in one hand as he closed his other hand on the sword’s hilt before he pulled at it mightily.

    There was no reaction.

    The man was a little puzzled and he pulled at it with all his might again. It was as if the sword’s sheath was joined to the hilt and it did not budge in the slightest at all.

    [How is this possible?]

    On the other side, the Faint Mist Sect’s Elders all had thoughtful expressions on their faces.