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Chapter 124.4 - Pull Out the Sword and You Win

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 124.4: Pull Out the Sword and You Win

    Su Li Mo had said that the sword had been unsheathed only twice in the past ten over years and it could still be remembered that one of those times was when the Faint Mist Sect was undergoing a change in regime.

    The previous Sect Leader was killed by an ambush and people from many sides were covetously eyeing that fat piece of meat, seeking to swallow it. The new Sect Leader was unable to do much facing the tide with his strength alone and Su Li Mo who was one of the protectors at that time had then used that very same unremarkable looking sword to wash the entire Faint Mist Sect’s mountain top in blood, terrorizing many into senseless fear.

    A youth who had merely been in his teens was more terrifying than Asura back then and this was why he was deemed to have every right to be act so arrogant and wilful.

    When the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons saw that even their big brother was unable to pull out the sword, one of them them snorted derisively and said: “Isn’t this sword of yours just a decorative piece that can’t be pulled out in the first place?”

    Su Li Mo laughed sneeringly and took back the sword, his eyes turning to look at the man who spoke as he said: “I would not mind proving it to you, but you will not be able to bear the consequences once the sword comes out of its sheath. You had better not complain that this great lord is bullying you when that happens.”

    “You!” The man was so infuriated he really was almost going to strike Su Li Mo but was stopped by the man with the wyvern tattoo.

    The man’s gaze rested on the old and battered looking sword for a while before he looked up and said: “Our distinguished opponent holds high and profound cultivation and we are shamefully inferior before such power. The Faint Mist Sect is indeed the greatest sect throughout the lands and is every bit true to its name.”

    When those words that sound as good as admitting defeat came out from the man’s mouth, no just the others among their eight, but even the people from the Faint Mist Sect were stunned.

    [What kind of a situation is this?]

    [They were already prepared to fight to their deaths but the demons have now admitted defeat of their own accord.]

    “Big Brother! What are you even saying! ? What kind of a joke is this! ? We have not killed all these pieces of trash yet!” The snake tattoo man was one of pure disbelief. The big brother that he had always admired, such a strong and powerful man. How could he do something so cowardly and weak? That was an insult to all of them!

    “Shut up.” The man snapped in a deep voice before he turned towards Su Li Mo who had a indifferent and uncaring expression on his face. “Although we have caused the Faint Mist Sect some affront this time, but we have also helped your sect to weed out those disciples without real strength and power. Hence I was just thinking whether we can call it even and write off the entire episode altogether?”

    Everyone became even more bewildered. They have not even struck a single blow and the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons are turning tail to run? The fact that they were unable to pull out Su Li Mo’s sword was really that terrifying? But of course, they were naturally unaware of the profound meaning behind that.

    Su Li Mo had at that moment inadvertently become the Faint Mist Sect’s decision maker in that situation and when he heard those words, no surprise showed on his face in the slightest, like everything was just as he had expected, where he then said: “I wouldn’t say that is impossible, but all of you will have to agree to this. From today onwards, if any of you happen to come across our Faint Mist Sect’s disciples, you must keep away from them and never cause them any affront.”

    “Your distinguished words shall be complied with.”