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Chapter 125.1 - Highly Popular Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 125.1: Highly Popular Youth

    The Crimson Land’s Eight Demons had come quietly and left in silent defeat.

    Towards their own boss’ cowardly actions, the few of them were feeling highly disgruntled.

    When had they ever turned away to run with their tails between their legs like this before? That was just so horribly humiliating!

    “Big Brother, I really cannot continue to bottle it up inside anymore. Can you tell me why did you decide to lower your head before that bunch of trash back there? We could have killed them all!” The snake tattoo man had an explosive temperament and he finally could not hold in his words any longer.

    That was also what the several other guys wanted to ask but as their Big Brother was one with profound insight and always unfathomable, they thought that he must have his own reasons for doing that and they had just kept their doubts to themselves.

    Hearing that, the eyes of the leader of the men with a wyvern tattooed on his face then darkened. “Do all of you think that when that man said if the sword is pulled out of its sheath, we will not be able to bear the consequences is really just a joke?”

    “Isn’t it?” The snake tattoo man queried with a indifferent look on his face. “Although there is something strange about that sword, it is still merely a sword afterall! With the level of cultivation we all possess, is that not enough to withstand the powers of a single sword?”

    ‘There is a legend that speaks of a very long time, when the Heavens split and the lands tore apart, a famed sword called the Night Abyss was born. When the sword is in its sheath, it just looks like any ordinary sword, old and battered, completely unremarkable. But once out of its sheath, it’s true colours would be unveiled and it requires the blood sacrifice of ten thousand men for it to be appeased, sweeping up all who stand before it’s invincible power. It is a sword of ancient evil, and besides its owner, no one else will be able to pull it out of its sheath.”

    Hearing his explanation, the several men showed expressions of surprise on their faces. “Don’t tell me….. that brat’s sword is the Night Abyss? But he looks to be only slightly over twenty, how did he come to possess a sword like that! ?”

    “I touched it with my own hand and I am sure I am not mistaken.” The man’s eyes narrowed. “Even in its sheath, the sword was already so powerful. If it had really been unsheathed, I really cannot imagine how terrifying it would be. All our powers combined will not be able to withstand it and moreover, besides this man and his sword, there were several other highly skilled experts whose powers are not inferior to any of us there. If we had clashed with them head on, we will only create more casualties.”

    “But admitting defeat just like that is really such a loss of face to us.” The snake tattoo man continued to lament indignantly.

    “A man must be able to take things in his stride. The day will come when we’ll be able to have it all paid back, there is no need to be impatient and rush things too much.” The wyvern tattoo man said softly, the corners of his mouth curling up with a knowing smile.

    When the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons left the Lost Bogs, the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples could not help but break out in cheers. Never had they thought that they would be able to escape disaster today and it was really most fortunate for them.

    If not for Su Li Mo, they might all have laid them lives here today. Everyone’s eyes looked at him like he was a deity who descended from the Heavens, filled with reverence and worship. Regardless of the fact that the guy was temperamental and unbearably arrogant, it did not stop the outpouring of admiration and respect from all of them.