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Chapter 125.2 - Highly Popular Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 125.2: Highly Popular Youth

    Quite a number of those busybodies who had come here just to watch the show had survived and they were all proclaiming that they would be taking part in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials. With such a powerful entity in the sect, just by belonging in the same sect with him would already be something they can brag to people about!

    “Hmm. Interesting.” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and looked at the youth with a highly excited look on his face beside her. “Look like this had not been a wasted trip.”

    “I had not thought that the man would actually turn out to be the Faint Mist Sect’s Su Li Mo who set the record of three hundred consecutive wins. Doesn’t he look really young?” Qing Bei said rather emotionally.

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh. “He is older than you by quite a good number of years, and you are not too bad yourself now you know? Why are you envying other people here like that?” After saying that, she turned her eyes to measure the group of people conversing over there and her a glint flashed in her eyes. “With all the things that happened to the Faint Mist Sect here today, I think that a big change will come over the sect. I expect that the level of difficulty set for the admission trials in a month’s time will be raised and very few people will be able to make it through.”

    With the number of disciples who died and the many who were thrown out, the Faint Mist Sect had less than three hundred members left. Those who remained were all the cream of the crop and their recruitment for new blood would definitely require one to possess some outstanding traits or it would be hard to pass the trials.

    Hearing that made Qing Bei’s face stiffen and a glint of paranoia flashed in his clear eyes. “I will definitely pass.”

    Qing Yu’s eyebrow raised up slightly, seemingly a little surprised that he was so insistent on being accepted into the Faint Mist Sect before she then broke into a smile feeling rather comforted. Ever since she had seen the regret and repression in the youth’s eyes during the fire back then, hadn’t she already known that he would surely grow up to be extraordinary in future?

    On the other side, Elder Jin was preaching earnestly with harsh but heartwarming words: “Since you have come back, then you had better keep an eye on the upcoming recruitment trials. I reckon you would have a rather keen eye in picking out talent.”

    Su Li Mo’s eyes widened when he heard that. “Why do I have to watch them? Isn’t having you Elders and teachers deciding on that good enough?”

    “Without a few of the seniors among the top five coming out to hold the fort, how will all the little brats be able to feel the pressure? They will all be thinking that it is very easy to be accepted into the Faint Mist Sect.” Elder Jin went on to explain.

    Su Li Mo burst out with a loud “pffft” when he heard that. “Elder, are you thinking that you will be able to uncover a few new disciples with potential like this great lord here? You’ve got to be joking. Moreover, if I am to really turn up there, I will just frighten them all away.”

    He then glanced towards the gentle and refined looking Luo Lan Zhi and said: “Isn’t that fella here as well? Moreover he is ranked above me and he looks rather intimidating as well. It is better that a job like this be left in his more capable hands!”

    After saying that, he then looked like he just remembered something and he cast his gaze to search around with a slightly puzzled expression. “Where did they go?”

    He had just made friends with them and they had just left without a word. Isn’t that a little too much! ?