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Chapter 125.3 - Highly Popular Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 125.3: Highly Popular Youth

    “What are you looking for?” Elder Jin asked, having rarely seen the kid look so anxious.

    Su Li Mo’s brows were knitted up. “I had come to be acquainted with two young brats who seemed to possess quite good potential, and one of them was extremely perceptive…..”

    He glanced at the almost half dead Lian Shao Jie lying on the ground. “They could even point out this guy’s inadequacies in his martial arts, otherwise even with Jin Ze Chao being controlled by others, Jin Ze Hao would still not be his match.”

    Hearing that, Rong Yi who had remained silent suddenly opened his mouth. “This person that Senior is talking about, is he a very beautiful looking youth?”

    “Huh? How did you know? ?” Su Li Mo asked in surprise. That kid did indeed look more beautiful than many ladies out there.

    Elder Jin was finally able to react. “So it’s that little young master you are talking about. He had even helped to bring Lian Shao Jie’s condition under control earlier, or he would be dead now, his body blown to pieces.”


    A weak groan suddenly sounded right at that moment.

    The few of them turned to look when they heard that and they saw Lian Shao Jie open his eyes. Although his face was still rather pale and he was still weak, he did look like his injuries were not entirely all that severe anymore.

    “Wha…..” Elder Jin’s expression was one of utter shock. “He had come awake?”

    Rong Yi then said: “It’s the elixir taking effect. Seems like…..”

    He paused a moment, and his gaze turned to look at the flabbergasted Elder Jin. “That youth is really a true Elixir Cultivator, and has attained a rather high grade.”

    Elder Jin’s son Jin Ze Hao had not been interested in Elixir Cultivation ever since he was very young and hence did not possess any skill in Medicine, unable to inherit his father’s legacy.

    As a teacher in the Elixir Cultivation department, Elder Jin had tens of disciples with outstanding skill in Medicine, especially his favourite Eldest Disciple, Tan Lin Ruo, who was already a gold level first grade Elixir Cultivator, and he was only twenty years old this year.

    The white robed youth had looked to be only fourteen or fifteen and it had seemed like his level and grade was quite a lot higher than Tan Lin Ruo. Classic example of truly fearful talent in the younger generation.

    After being momentarily stunned, Elder Jin suddenly snapped back to his senses, the expression on his face highly excited. “We wouldn’t know whether that youth will be taking part in the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment trials in a month’s time but if he turns up, by hook or by crook, I will definitely recruit him into my Elixir Cultivation department.”

    Su Li Mo laughed. “Elder Jin, do not count your chickens before they are hatched. I can see that the kid possesses some great skills, so I would think that his level of cultivation would not be insignificant. This golden child will shine with blinding brilliance whether he goes and he would undoubtedly have caught the eye of teachers from other places as well.”

    “This old man is determined to recruit that youth. Such gifted talent must definitely come to the Elixir Cultivation department in order to gain better growth and development.” Elder Jin said determinedly in his old elderly voice. “Since today’s incident has come to an end, let’s return to the Faint Mist Sect and make a report of all that has happened. It is also time that we start to prepare for the recruitment trials as well.”