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Chapter 125.4 - Highly Popular Youth

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 125.4: Highly Popular Youth

    Everyone then departed one after another with Yan Ning Luo walking right at the back, her brows lightly creased up, with no one knowing what was going through her mind.

    “Ning Luo, what’s wrong? Is it because your wounds hurt?” Jiang Yi Han asked thoughtfully in concern when she saw the two bloody gashes on the young lady’s arm.

    Yan Ning Luo shook her head and it was a while before she replied in an emotionless voice: “With such a great reduction in the number of disciples in the sect suddenly, it seems like there will be another round of trials after the recruitment of new disciples. And it is that second round of contest, that will be the sect’s true trials.”

    The trials held today was clearly carried out with other hidden intentions.

    She was currently ranked ninth and she was in a highly precarious position. Moreover, having caught a glimpse of the powers of two highly skilled experts who were among the top five ranks, they were every bit as good as people claim they were.

    With just his sword alone, Su Li Mo had forced the Crimson Land’s Eight Demons to retreat, and Luo Lan Zhi had killed thousands and thousands of bats and snakes with nothing else but just a single sound attack. Such an unsurpassable feat was clearly nothing anyone would be able to sniff at.

    She had come to the Faint Mist Sect to learn since she was six years old and that was coincidentally the time that the sect was undergoing major changes. So she had spent three years as a disciple in the outer circle before being promoted to be become an inner disciple, a result from the several more times of sweat and hard work she had put in over the others.

    Because the person she had fallen in love with was so outstanding, she needed to make herself become strong enough, so that she could stand by his side.

    Hence she urgently wanted to grow stronger, till she is able to stand tall within the Faint Mist Sect. But after seeing Su Li Mo and Luo Lan Zhi today, her haughty pride she had always held close seemed to have crumbled in an instant, as the disparity between them was really just too wide.

    “Are you worried that there will be great changes in the chart rankings and you might be squeezed out?” Shen Jing asked as she raised an eyebrow, seemingly able to guess what was worrying the girl. She then said with a laugh: “To think that you will be worried about this. Don’t you realize that you are the only female within the top ten ranks?”

    She had absolute confidence in what she saw in Yan Ning Luo as it was not easy for anyone to have been able to outshine so many others to enter within the top ten ranks.

    Yan Ning Luo did not say anything else as it was only natural that the two girls would not know what was really worrying her.

    And very soon, after the new recruits have been accepted into the sect, all the highly skilled disciples that had been travelling outside would return back to the sect. Hence, not to mention the top ten ranks, even thinking of being among the top twenty would be as hard as reaching the skies. If this was the case for her, there was no need to say how much more precarious it was for others in the top twenty. When the time comes, it would be very fortunate for them if their names could still remain within the top hundred ranking chart.

    Yan Ning Luo continued to walk right at the back of the group, and she could still hear Elder Jin and the others discussing about the exemplary medical skills of the flawlessly beautiful youth. Hearing Elder Jin singing such high praise, it seemed like he really admired the youth very much.

    Her eyes then darkened. Without knowing why, although she had not noticed who that youth they were all talking about at all really was, but somehow, there was just this strange sense of familiarity in her heart.