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Chapter 126.1 - Run Away

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 126.1: Run Away

    Let’s put aside the affairs of the lower realm for awhile. Something seems to be secretly brewing in Cloud Heaven again.

    Ever since their King had been come back from the dead and returned stronger than before, the Dark Regions had developed and grown mightier, where no power dared to come oppress them anymore. Even the Hunter’s Guild that had always set themselves against the Dark Regions had quietened down quite a bit as it was rumoured that the Lord of the Dark Regions was a man who bore grudges. If they were to really make him angry, the consequences would be unimaginable.

    In the past recent months, the Dark Regions had only worked on expanding its influence and did not embark on any plans for revenge. The people outside said that their demonic Lord was not pursuing past cases of affront in a show of mercy but little did they know that he had actually left the Dark Regions for a rather long time and was not even in Cloud Heaven at all.

    “What do we do? We really do not need to inform the Lord about this now? The Lord has always paid quite a lot of attention to that person you know?”

    Xun Luo’s face was looking a little worried, having felt highly uneasy for the past few days, causing dark bags to form under his eyes.

    It was the same few people in the main palatial hall. Mei Ji, Little Monster, and the man whose dressing looked very much like a scholar.

    Hearing that, Mei Ji shook her head slightly. “We should….. look around first. If the Lord comes to know of this, he might really blow his top. I hope that before he comes to know anything about this….. we’ll be able to get this resolved.”

    “But it has been seven or eight days already, and we still have not gotten any news. I do not dare to hope that we’ll see any good result from this.” Xun Luo said defeatedly with his head hanging down, the bright and handsome face always filled with vigor looking like it had lost its spark. It was not known whether that was because he had not been sleeping well for the past few days and was exhausted or was it from fright.

    Afterall, he could very well guess what kind of a rage the Lord would fly into if he was to know about this. Moreover, this could be seen as a case of dereliction of their duties. With so many of them around and such a slip up could still happen.

    The scholarly man did not say anything but just knitted up his brows, and no one knew what he was thinking.

    The man in white looking like a deity descended and was nicknamed Little Monster sat straight and upright in his chair, his pair of scarlet eyes so clear and pristine but his gaze highly undecipherable.

    His light pink lips parted slightly and his highly pleasing voice rose slowly: “We wait for another few days and see. If we still do not get any results by then, it still wouldn’t be too late for us to inform the Lord about it.”

    Little Monster had always been known to be the brainy and hence his words were more convincing to many of them. Upon hearing that, the several people them did not come to object.

    But their actions had been becoming more frequent recently so they do not know how much longer they would be able to hide it.

    And on another side in the Bright Moon Divine Palace, the floor was filled with people kneeling, their bodies trembling, not daring to even breathe too loudly.

    Behind the layers of mysterious and dreamy looking curtain veils, the faint svelte silhouette of a woman leaning on a soft lounge could be seen. Although unable to get a peek of her countenance, it was not hard to determine that she was definitely a beautiful woman.

    The woman’s soft supple voice sounded out through the veils. “This Lord here is not one who kill indiscriminately. I only need you to tell me who was the one who sneaked into the Soul Tablet Chamber or else…..”