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Chapter 126.2 - Run Away

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 126.2: Run Away

    Slender onion white jade fingers stretched out from under her sleeves, red rouge polish on the nails adding a tinge of seductive beauty onto the hand as the tips of the finger slowly came close just beside the lips curved up in an exceptionally seductive smile. “This Lord here has just developed a new kind of curse, which originated from the very strongest single voodoo grub, which devoured thousands and thousands of its own species to evolve into an Emperor Voodoo Grub, and it so happens….. that this Lord is wondering how powerful it really is.”

    “My Lord! Spare me please! Your subordinate would never have the audacity to ever step inside the Soul Tablet Chamber without any orders from you. My Lord, please have it investigated thoroughly!” Down below the pedestal, a black robed woman who looked slightly older said with her head bowed.

    “Is that so? So no one went in there?”

    The woman laughed softly and then stood up, her gaze turned sharp and her voice exceptionally sinister as she said: “This Lord’s patience is limited. Before this Lord loses her temper, the person who went went in there without my permission had better come forth and admit it or all of you who have failed in guarding the place will die here today!”

    “My Lord…..”

    “I do not want to hear anymore excuses! Do all of you know that there is a very important person locked in there?” The woman sharply interrupted the person who was going to explain further.

    “Throughout the entire Bright Moon Temple, besides this Lord who is able to hold her down, any one of you who goes in there will just provide her with an opening to exploit with the slightest single misstep. And now, she has already escaped and once she gathers up all of her spirit soul and regains every bit of her cultivation when she was at her prime, great catastrophe will befall the Bright Moon Temple!”

    After she said all those words, the people kneeling before the raised pedestal were all overcome with shock.

    They had thought that the Temple Lord had flown into such a rage because someone had gone into the Soul Tablet Chambers without authorization and had not thought that there was such a huge secret hidden in there. No wonder they were all ordered to not go near that place and anyone who defied that order was punishable by death.

    And just as the atmosphere in there grew heavy and oppressively silent, a white robed figure among the kneeling figures suddenly stood up.

    Because she was wearing a hood, her countenance could not be seen clearly. It was only when she raised her head up that a small pretty looking face was seen, her eyes clear, seemingly rather young and enchantingly lovely.

    Just as everyone was puzzled with her actions, the girl suddenly started laughing before she opened her mouth to speak, with a gratingly raspy voice that did not suit one of her age. “To think that the Temple Lord would ever come to show fear?”

    The person behind the veils narrowed her eyes. “Who are you?”

    “Me?” The girl smiled enchantingly. “Of course you would not recognize me. You have brought harm onto so many people that you cannot even recognize this face at all!”

    She touched her own face gently. “I used to have an extremely beautiful looking face and a highly enchanting voice. When I was seven, because you saw that I possessed outstanding looks, you threw me into a snake pit. A snake bit me on my neck and I almost lost me life. For a whole year after that, I was unable to open my mouth to speak at all. Till I was able to open my mouth, because the nerves around my throat were damaged, I was no longer able to speak normally anymore.”